West Coast Railway Heritage Park

1) a panoramic view of the Squamish River that I walk each morning

Okay, I have to admit I thoroughly enjoy driving the Sea to Sky Highway from West Vancouver to Squamish. It’s hair-thin ribbon of highway that weaves along the coastline with the mountains on one side and the sheer drop of what, at times, must be near a kilometre to Howe Sound on the other is exhilarating and terrifying simultaneously.  On this visit, my annual trek to volunteer, I also enjoyed a visit to the West Coast Railway Heritage Park, which was actually (surprisingly!) a lot of fun. Walking along the Squamish River early this morning I even saw a bald eagle trying to fish for salmon. I have got to remember to bring my good camera up with me when I do this romp.


2) interesting that the count seems to be falling year over year with some spikes; 3) oh my, memories of my rock climbing days (daze) on weekends in Milton at Rattlesnake Point and Wednesday nights at Gravity in Hamilton!


4) camp; 5) the flowers were well up


6) more of camp; 7) I want a hat like this!


8) the old Squamish Station (now a tea house and gift shop)


9) the roundhouse; 10) you can take a mini rail journey around the park … twice even if you want!


11) “Spans the World? hmmmm how did these old steam locomotives do that me wonders?; 12) these wheels were nearly as high as I am 192cm


13) hey! I didn’t get service ware like this on the Canadian!; 14) they served afternoon tea to me complete with Welsh cakes that were SO good!


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  1. Fatcat723 says:

    Would love to spend a day there!!! Even without the snack lol

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