Being sundry in YVR

IMG_3544 (2) (1024x698)1) a peek into the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Gardens (the side that you have to pay to see)

We’re into September in YVR and the weather remains fabulous. Cousin Richard was in town last week for a few days and we managed to meetup for dinner at the newly re-located Miku (Chef Kazuya Matsuoka), which now sits directly in front of Canada Place. The restaurant is Japanese and known for its aburi style sushi that comes lightly torched and with no need to garnish, dip or otherwise cover in wasabi.  I thought the offerings were superb and we will certainly be making more visits to this fine establishment. On Friday I met up again with Cousin Richard and Lara for lunch at another of my favourite restaurants, West. I ordered the double stuffed mushroom ravioli which appeared like a fine work of art as it graced the table before me. Too boot, it was omg to-die-for.

B at Miku (2) (1024x621)2) me at Miku (photo credit: courtesy of Cousin Richard

IMG_3520 (2) (1024x510)3) the bulkhead design at Miku

IMG_3523 (2) (1024x454)4) order up at Miku

IMG_3521 (2) (1024x765)5) Miku’s assorted sashimi set, complete with BC spot prawns whose heads are returned afterwards deep-fried for more tastiness

IMG_3527 (2) (1024x765)6) the prawn heads … they were so good

IMG_3524 (2) (700x1024)7) chu toro … the real thing!

IMG_3522 (2) (981x1024)8) and oysters from BC

IMG_3526 (2) (1024x389)9) and Miku’s assorted sushi set

IMG_3531 (1024x765)10) lunch at West … a work of art complete with mushroom ‘sand’ and truffle foam

Last week the rarefied rail experience that is the Royal Canadian Pacific sat parked down below us in the port shunting yard. The Royal is essentially the Canadian version of the Orient Express and is privately run and unabashedly – prohibitively I would suggest – expensive (the average tour of 5 nights/6 days will run you CAD$8,000 per person). Based in Calgary, obviously some wealthy guru rented the train for a hop over the Rockies to Vancouver. The engines are from 1954 and the cars from the 1920s are complete with silver service, walnut panelling, and period furnishing. I suppose I should add this to my bucket list eh!

DSCN0933 (2) (1024x252)11) the Royal Canadian Pacific engines taken from way up in our condo

DSCN0935 (2) (1024x380)12) and the 1920s carriages

We’ve also been very busy cooking, of course. Last week was a vegetarian week and we enjoyed making these delicious meals.

IMG_3490 (1024x664)13) we made roasted vegetable Wellington

DSCN0919 (2) (1024x768)14) served with a jus and small tomato salsa

IMG_3535 (2) (1024x765)15) we made a vanilla souffle with vanilla custard

IMG_3542 (2) (1024x760)16) we made a spinach and broccoli roulade with sugocasa sauce

DSCN0929 (2) (1024x768)17) we made homemade basil paradella with a homemade ratatouille sauce

IMG_3538 (2) (1024x765)18) we did not make this! … we visited the Swiss Bakery for the ‘frissant’ … a cross between a croissant and a donut (this one is lemon mojito) and was just okay, sad to say

IMG_3536 (2) (765x1024)19) I took this shot on Sunday night when we had thunder and lightning in Vancouver … which is very, very rare indeed

IMG_3509 (2) (986x1024)20) training for a visit to Turkey … trying Efes pilsner … me no like

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