Women’s World Cup

IMG_6307 (1024x765)1) game on!

We had the good fortunate to attend the opening rounds of FIFA’s Women’s World Cup in Vancouver. The matches we saw pitted Switzerland against Ecuador (a rather lopsided affair that saw the Swiss win 10-1) and World Cup champions, Japan play Cameroon (Japan won that game 2-1). This Sunday will see Canada play Switzerland at BC Place; a game I shall sadly miss as I’m currently in London visiting family. Ah well, Go Canada Go!

IMG_6329 (1024x765)2) BC Place dome is open

IMG_6331 (1024x765)3) Switzerland and Ecuador take the pitch

IMG_6332 (765x1024)4) time for the Japanese anthem

IMG_6335 (1024x765)5) World Champs, Japan, get ready to play

It’s been just a stunningly beautiful spring and early summer in Vancouver, and, frankly, I cannot recall the last rains we had. Certainly not since early May which is, well, unheard of. We’ve been taking advantage of the great weather to get out and have fun and over the past month have:

  • completed our sea-kayaking certification (yay!);
  • joined Barb/Darrin and Brenda/Michael at the annual “Search for the Perfect Pint” craft beer fest in Port Moody;
  • ventured over to the Sunshine Coast to explore Sechlet and Gibsons;
  • waddled and waded at Second Beach outdoor pool;
  • finally made it up to Prospect Point; and,
  • (lucky me) spent some time in Chicago.

IMG_6221 (765x1024)6) just what you want to see posted in your back yard in Port Moody

IMG_6223 (1024x765)7) the beer ice cream truck was back again at the Search for the Perfect Pint

IMG_6224 (1024x765)8) so many beers

IMG_6277 (1024x765)9) at Horseshoe Bay very early waiting for the ferry to Gibsons

IMG_6278 (1024x765)10) we’re on our way

IMG_6291 (1024x765)11) every Canadian of a certain age will know this famous place from the tv show, The Beachcombers

IMG_6293 (1024x765)12) … and this famous boat!

IMG_6280 (1024x765)13) the shoreline at Sechlet

IMG_6283 (765x1024)14) G goes for a swim?

IMG_6288 (1024x765)15) breakfast with an awesome view in Sechlet

IMG_6289 (1024x765)16) such a pretty shoreline

IMG_6297 (1024x765)17) heading home

IMG_6308 (1024x765)18) water display courteous Harbour Police on the Seawall

IMG_6309 (1024x765)19) wow, neat

IMG_6316 (765x1024)20) Prospect Point

IMG_6314 (1024x765)21) and the view from Prospect Point

IMG_6322 (1024x765)22) me hanging out at Second Beach Pool

IMG_6245 (1024x765)23) here I come Chicago! Thanks United for getting me there in style

IMG_6247 (1024x765)24) here comes Paul and Aiden

IMG_6249 (765x1024)25) omg, Aiden’s SO adorable!

IMG_6250 (640x480)26) Karen (aka Mal) and I outside her lovely home in the Chicago burbs … Karen and I go waaay back to a time 20-odd years ago (OMG, 20 years ago!) when we were pit partners, and students, on an archeological dig at Tel Beth Shemesh with Harvard University (if that is at all interesting to you, see here for more)

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