Celebration of Light

IMG_6617 (1023x575)1) sun sets at English Bay prior to the show’s start

We attended the 25th annual Honda Celebration of Light fireworks competition on Wednesday night. Competing was Group Vision Show, a team from Brazil. The event is one of the largest in Vancouver, and as fireworks competition shows go,  arguably the biggest in the world. Occurring over 3 days – China performed last Sat; Brazil Wednesday and tonight is Canada – it has an attendance of 1.4 million people. Needless to say, it’s crazy busy but an awesome evening.

2) here’s some of the show!

IMG_6609 (1024x765)3) G wanders down Davie on route to the show

IMG_6606 (1024x765)4) many boats in False Creek in preparation for the show … including one gorgeous yacht, the Solaris

IMG_6623 (1024x762)5) you can see a Vancouver fire boat to the right of the lamp practicing its water cannon

IMG_6613 (1024x742)6) we were in the YVR Observation Deck section where you do pay but have your own toilets, assigned seats, and bar service – KLM hosted this year

IMG_6620 (1024x765)7) down by the water, boats gather around the fireworks barge

IMG_6652 (1024x761)8) and off they go!

IMG_6635 (1024x760)9) so pretty

IMG_6640 (1024x748)10) this one seems very low … did something go awry we wondered?

IMG_6663 (1024x760)11) leaving with G and 300,000 of our closest friends

IMG_6667 (1024x510)12) looking back down Davie Street to English Bay … it’s just a sea of people!

IMG_6668 (1024x754)13) what was this RV doing?…

We did our annual Grouse Grind climb a couple weeks ago in a respectable 1:22. Even on a Thursday morning it was busy. I can’t imagine folks who climb on the weekend. It truly must be a zoo. We celebrated afterward with lunch at Kingyo Izakaya on Denman.

IMG_6526 (765x1024)14) the start of the climb

IMG_6528 (765x1024)15) G heads up; you can get a sense of the steepness in this shot seeing climbers weaving their way further up the mountain

IMG_6529 (1024x765)16) the top!

IMG_6533 (1024x765)17) popping out of the clouds on the way down in the gondola

IMG_6537 (1024x764)18) my excellent vegetarian ‘inari age’ lunch at Kingyo

We also recently toured the botanical gardens at UBC which included an adventure on the Greenheart Canopy Walkway and the oh-so-beautiful Nitobe Memorial Garden.

IMG_6539 (765x1024)19) G heads to the start of the canopy walk

IMG_6553 (1024x765)20) away we go!

IMG_6543 (765x1024)21) G pauses to take in the view

IMG_6556 (765x1024)22) as do I

IMG_6558 (1024x765)23) G goes down

IMG_6561 (1024x756)24) G jumps in the Moon Gate tunnel that leads to the North Gardens

IMG_6565 (1024x619)25) the north gardens

IMG_6566 (1024x510)26) so pretty!

IMG_6575 (1024x765)27) inside the Nitobe Memorial Garden

IMG_6576 (1024x510)28) so very zen

IMG_6578 (1024x510)29) the beautiful bridge

In June our dear friend and former 88er, Auzzie Christine, relocated from Toronto to Vancouver .. yay! She joined us and Barb & Darrin at Buntzen Lake last weekend for a day of, well, doing nothing but sitting on the beach, paddleboarding, and a bbq at B&D’s afterwards.

IMG_6591 (1024x765)30) beautiful Bunzten Lake (a mountain spring-fed freshwater lake)

IMG_6594 (1024x631)31) G wanders the shoreline

IMG_6598 (765x1024)32) and heads out paddleboarding

If you live in Vancouver, you will have at some point see the murder of crows that fly east towards Burnaby each night at sunset. During July the 6,000 odd crows’ path took them right past the east side of our condo … as you can see in the picture below. You can read more about the crows in this National Post article. Creepily Hitchcockian isn’t it.

IMG_6523 (1024x591)33) the birds!

The weather continues to be awesome here and July afforded us several stunning sunsets. We’re blessed to have views on three sides of the condo and get different perspectives as the sun sets.

DSCN9992 (1024x760)34) sunset on BC Place

DSCN9984 (1024x760)35) sunset on Cambie Bridge

DSCN9994 (768x1024)36) sunset on the city

IMG_6669 (1024x765)37) lunching at The Fish House in Stanley Park

IMG_6670 (1024x765)38) cycling to Beaver Lake in Stanley Park

IMG_6671 (1024x765)39) the lake is completely covered with water lilies

IMG_6673 (1024x765)40) the one spot on the lake with some water

IMG_6674 (1024x765)41) kayaking on False Creek on Saturday morning

IMG_6687 (1024x765)42) moi over by the Os Gemeos (twin brother street artists from Brazil)-painted Granville Island cement silos, part of the Vancouver Biennale’s 2014-2016. My gaudy glasses were freebies that were handed out at the Celebration of Light.

IMG_6679 (1024x765)43) G out ahead of me heads to Granville Bridge

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