Why apps?

Why “Apps”? Short for Appalachian. Referencing not the mountain range in the eastern United States but rather Aaron’s Copeland’s oh-so-wonderful music piece, “Appalachian Spring“.  Appalachian Spring contains Copeland’s homage to the Shaker prayer Simple Gifts . I ain’t no Shaker (they are an offshoot of the Quakers), but I do like this piece of music.  So, there you go.

I just got off the phone with the casting director, Liz, at the Canadian Opera Company. The casting call is being set-up for tomorrow afternoon down at the Tannenbaum Theatre. The Director, Tim Albery, will ‘eye’ me before giving the okay. 


I have explained to her that it’s like the Saturday before xmas and we’re all busy so make it earlier rather than later. Argghh!


Tim is best known for his 1994 film, “Peter Grimes“. He is one of 4 who will direct the COC’s undertaking of the entire Wagner ring cycle. The other three being Atom Egoyan, Francois Girard and Michael Levine. Just in case that pops up as a trivia question on Jeopardy!


Hmmmm, must practice tonight looking ‘raven-like’.


… and too boot, my throat is sore?! More alcohol wipes, more alcohol wipes! I need to scour down everything in my office. AND, I had to spend 40 minutes this morning shoveling off the sidewalk and the access to the garage here … I do not get paid enough to be shoveling snow. Argghh! That’s why I moved to a condo. I hate shoveling snow. I think, should I end up on the hot side in the afterlife, that God’s punishment for me will be an eternity shoveling snow … or taking out the garbage … or gawd forbid, mowing the lawn.


We also discovered last night how you know when the iDog’s battery is fading … he whelps and barks intermittently all night long.


Friday’s MovieThe Promise

Chen Kaige’s new movie, “The Promise”, which cost $42m, is China’s submission for best foreign film Oscar and is up for a Golden Globe. You’ll remember Chen’s other great film, “Farewell My Concubine”, was nominated for two Academy Awards in 1993, including best foreign film. And you’ll also remember his former cinematographer, Zhang Yimou, went on to direct “Hero”, which was until this movie, China’s most expensive film ever made.



Cinematography for The Promise is by Peter Pau (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and Dion Lam (Internal Affairs and Spiderman 2) is doing the stunts. Should be good I think. When released in LA next Friday, it will be titled “Master of the Crimson Armor”, which is a horrible title if you ask me. But, it also stars Nicholas Tse who is way dreamy so that makes up for the title faux pas.