Saturday Night Fever New Year’s Eve Disco Party

Oh, the party was soooo much fun! We danced and partied away until 2am when we shooed the last guests away so I could begin the adventure of cleaning the condo. Naturally, as always happens when I throw parties, there was a snow storm yesterday so we had three folks who didn’t head out, which was wise I think.

I drank champagne all night! … okay, with the exception of one “Suetini”. Suzie graciously offerred to make the party’s signature drink: very ‘heavy’ cosmos …. hehe. Best of all, the place looked out of this world fantastic! 


1) Entering the party; 2) the dancefloor awaits dancers; 3) G prepping in the kitchen cum bar

1) the hall heading to the ‘chillout’ lounge (er, my bedroom) while sober; 2) the hall
heading down to the chillout lounge when drunk hehe; 3) visuals in the chillout lounge

1) G, B and Suzie relaxing; 2) some dancers (with my drunken finger in the shot)

1) fireworks for us; 2) the livingroom waits for partiers

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