Two quick stories about Louis Vuitton.

LV story one: the legendary LV customer service

As you know, I flew to Vancouver for the weekend of Dec 9-11 and while there stopped into the LV store at the Hotel Vancouver in an attempt to purchase a 2006 horizontal daytimer for G for Xmas. The sales rep understood what I was after and disappeared to check stock only to return and advise they had none remaining. “I can take your name and order one in though. When it arrives, I’ll ring you,” she kindly offerred. I declined, of course, explaining I was only in town for the weekend and that I’d check the LV stores in Toronto upon my return.

Fine. So, a week later on a Wednesday afternoon I head down to my least favourite store in the world, Holt Renfrew, to get the 2006 horizontal daytimer for G at the mini LV store inside. I inform the clerk, who we’ll call Mr D (for a Homer Simpson, ‘doh’), what I want.

“Oh, we don’t make those,” Mr. D replies.

(imagine me looking incredulous) “You must, I bought one standing right here last year,” I said.

(Mr D looks puzzled) “Do you have the agenda with you? I don’t want to give you the wrong one. It’s a lot of work for me if you have to return it.”

(now, heavens, I wouldn’t want to Mr D to do extra work) “No, the agenda was a gift, so I don’t have it with me. I’m after the refill for 2006,” I said, moving to the counter to point out the Damier canvas horizontal agenda they have on display. “It’s the refill for that one there. I’m sure if you check your computer, you’ll have it listed.”

Mr D then confers with another sales rep and opens a drawer. “Ah, you’re lucky, we have one left.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but one thing that drives me just loonie is when a sales person says ‘You’re lucky’. In those moments, I often want to just scream that “you’re lucky I don’t take my business elsewhere”. Funny how the customer service interactions in Canada often revolve around the sales representative as the focal point, not me, the customer. I do a lot of work in the quality management sector, and this is one of the pitfalls of the Canadian business culture.

In the end G did get his 2006 horizontal daytimer.

LV story two: the demise of Monogram Glace

The Monogram glace line is no more! Which sucks royally on the one hand as my wallet … a gift from G last year … is just that. I learned this fact during the 2006 horizontal daytimer debacle when I pulled out my wallet to purchase. Mr D commented how nice it was (but I think he only said that because it was clear I was miffed with his level of service and he was trying to kiss ass a bit). “You’ll have to take good care of it [is he assuming I wouldn’t?] as the line is discontinued,” he informed.  Papa says I should revert to my old $9.99 wallet and lock away the glace for eBay sale in a few years.

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