Friday’s food: “Munchies Snack Mix” … not the cheapie version that Humpty Dumpty makes but the Frito-Lay real thing with [shameless advertising] Doritos; Cheetos; Sun Chips and Rold Gold; matched well with a Sleeman’s Cream Ale.

Friday’s song: Dazzle by Siouxsie And The Banshees

Friday’s movie: Brokeback Mountain … okay, well not really but seeing it tomorrow and will update on thoughts. I’ve been told to bring kleenex though, which is not a good marketing pitch for a movie if you ask me.

This concept – today’s food, song, movie – is © Willariah and was used [without permission] though I’m sure he’d be okay with it.

Tonight, a visit to one of my favourite places, Ikea, and an ear lowering (read: hair cut) at Tonic Salon & Spa… Leo E there is a genius. Accept no others!

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  1. willariah says:

    i love sun chips and rold gold’s pretzels also. esp. dipped in mustard. YES! it’s ok… u’re forgiven for infringing my copyright:) bare i mean brokeback mtn is heartbreaking. enjoy. lemme know ur review.

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