Brokeback, Crab, Cocktails and Shopping

Hmmmm … I’m in the 13% of reviewers (using Rotten Tomatoes as a benchmark) that did not enjoy this movie. I can only echo two reviewers’ comments there, here:


“For all its brave beginnings and real achievements — its assault on western mythology, its discovery of a subversive sexual honesty in an unexpected locale — Brokeback Mountain finally fails to fully engage our emotions.”
Richard Schickel, TIME MAGAZINE

“I was never moved or even overly excited by what I finally witnessed on the screen, though I have no quarrel with the superlatives heaped upon the film by most of my colleagues.”


I agree wholeheartedly. Beautifully shot – yes! Solidly acted – well okay, sure. But in the end, too long; too boring; and worse, I didn’t care one hoot for the characters or their story. I guess I’m no romantic. I found Ennis and Jack’s ‘love’ pretty farfetched and the ‘love-making’ scenes gratuitous, at best. I kept checking my watch wondering if it would ever end. My tummy was growling the whole time … hmmmm … I wonder if I eaten lunch beforehand if it would have made a difference?


My thought is the rush to rave reviews was driven by the film’s subject matter and the cautiousness of reviewers not to offend for fear of being labelled homophobic. Then again, reviewers love ‘cutting edge’ films which break new ground. Brokeback while certainly not cutting edge does break new ground. With arguably one of America’s best directors, Ang Lee, directing a gay cowboy movie for wide public release, reviewers gave kudos to focus the media spotlight in an attempt to make the love that dare not speak it’s name more mainstream. In this regard, bravo!


Monday’s movie: Amityville Horror.

Okay, pretty darn bad but fun enough for a Saturday night after too many cocktails and a crab dinner feast.


Monday’s book: Susur: A Culinary Life

Excellent, excellent book. Actually two books; one his autobiography, the other, a selection of his recipes. Read in one sitting. Interesting fact: Susur’s first wife was tragically killed in the Korean Airlines disaster when the (then) Russians shot the plane down. Susur is, imho, Canada’s top chef. I can only think of three other chefs in the same sphere as Susur: Rob Feenie (if you’re ever in Vancouver find $300 and go eat at Lumiere); Michael Stadtlander of Eigensinn Farm; and Anne Desjardins of L’eau a la bouche (if you’re ever in Saint Adele, Quebec, find $300 and go eat there).


Monday’s song: the homemade Disco Party CD # 3


Monday’s food: Alaskan King Crab (see below)


… Speaking of lists, the National Post had a great article in Saturday’s travel section entitled “100 Things to do in Canada Before You Die”. I’m a real fan of travelling at home. Why visit the United States when there’s so much to do and see right here? I’ve sworn off US travel (with the exception of visits to New York City and San Francisco). I’ve been very fortunate to have travelled through the US extensively in my time, and, as you may or may not know, we had a home in Bradenton, Florida for 12 years but it’s just too much of a hassle to cross the border anymore. Besides, Canada’s way cooler and way cheaper and way friendlier.

I’ve done 34 of the 100 things they list. [mental note; add numbers later]


Saturday after Brokeback I shopped. Bad Brent bad! I promised less shopping, especially at my least favourite store in the world, Holts. Course, where do I find myself? … yes, in Holts. I have a regular walkabout routine I follow in there. Enter using the lower level entrance and once through the guy’s section, then up the escalator to the ground floor and a walk through up there. And always a wander past the LV counter. Argghh!  As I passed, Mr. Doh (remember him from an earlier post?) appeared and made a point to come chat with me. I still think he’s feeling guilty about his poor customer service.

In the end, I threw down $50 on a nice Sixty brown sweater, and another $30 at Zara’s for a great deal buy, a grey zip up that really was a steal.


Saturday night became an impromptu cocktail party at chez Brent’s. Blee and G and I tried Appletinis, Park Avenues, Metropolitans and Kirs. Yummy. Kirs were the final adventure served with an Alaskan King crab dinner, which was sooooo sweet. Afterwards we made home-made chicken stock and crab stock too.


Oh, and I finally bought an orchid! Woohoo. I’ve been saying I’m going to buy an orchid for what, 5 year years? I’ve included a photo of it as I’m sure I will have killed it by this weekend! Hehehe




1) the orchid; 2) Blee and me with the kirs; 3) brent prepares the chicken for stock; 4) crab stock simmers


NFL Football Playoff Update: All four teams I was rooting for lost in the Wild Card games this weekend.


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