Food blogrings

Since I joined all those food blogrings, I thought I should post some photos of some food G and I have made over the years:

1) three pepper pasta; 2) homemade marinara; 3) crabcakes with spicy asian noodles

4) salmon salad nicoise; 5) squash soup with wasabi cream niece P made; 6) xmas stuffed turkey

7) homemade sushi for the Sushi 101 we taught; 8) the balcony set for Table D’Hote

And one silly one we did for All Soul’s Eve … a Rice Krispie Poodle with pink cotton candy hair … which we actually took as a hostess gift … oh you should have seen the look on S’s face when we arrived!

1) Mousieur Pierre

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  1. willariah says:

    omg. lovely!  i love your diningware.  :)  anxiously awaiting your Geisha review and it better not be as disappointing as your review of Bar… Brokeback Mountain.

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