Is Carolyn Bennett stalking me?

Once again this morning, right at my corner, I was accosted by Carolyn Bennett, the Liberal incumbent for St. Paul’s. I’m beginning to think she’s stalking me?! I said, “Carolyn, here’s the deal, if you agree to take your picture with me, I’ll head into Mooredale Place tonight at 6 and vote for you”.

(FYI: advance polls open tonight and my advance poll station is Mooredale)

“Sounds like a fair deal,” she said.

At which point I rummaged around in my courier bag for the digcam … only to find I forgot the blessed thing at the condo. Argghh!*&%* I take that damn thing everywhere and the one day I really need it, I’ve left in on the cradle in the bedroom.

“Ummmmm, sorry Carolyn, I’ve forgotten it,” I blushed. “I wonder if that’s a sign of some sort?….”

“I hope not,” she said. “Well, I hope you’ll head into there (pointing to Mooredale) and vote anyway,” she smiled nervously. “I’m about and you can get the picture anytime.”

Politicians …. always brokering a deal, I thought. hehehe

Friday’s song: Handel’s Watermusic on Classical 96.3FM.

Friday’s food: Tim Horton’s coffee, large, regular.

Friday’s movie: (finally) Memoirs of a Geisha. Review to follow.

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  1. autre says:

    Thanks for the advice .. so far I still only have the Canoe res. .. silly me got so busy with work, the time I was able to phone Auberge their phone system was overloaded ..
    hmm … food blogrings … my girlfriend is always posting my trials and errors on another site. perhaps i should start posting them here as well.

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