I must have too much time on my hands cause I’ve been mulling visualizers. Those whack programs that randomly display images synchronized to whatever music you’re listening to.  I’ve been comparing iTunes visualizer to Windows Media Player while listening to New Age on and Japan-A-Radio on-line.

Personal findings?: I think iTunes visualizer is better. Far more complex than WMP with the odd quirky tidbit thrown in to keep you guessing. Colours are bolder, more steelly than on WMP. Granted, with WMP you have a whole host of options to choose from vis-a-vis the visualizer and you can maximize the screeen to fill in the entire area of your monitor, which is cool. Something I can’t seem to achieve with iTunes.

Microsoft does provide visualizer plug-ins (including the infamous Yule Log) which can stretch the range of imagery you see on screen. The “Trilogy” series created by Aevertt & Associates is quite cool. And if you visit WMPlugins, well, you can go crazy with choices of plugins and skins.

Finding iTunes plug-ins and skins is somewhat more challenging, but perhaps I’m not looking in the right location. Can’t find much on the corporate site though stuff is available via iPodHacks and Trinfinity.

Thursday’s obsession: Creative Labs Zen Media Center
Which I want to own but the cheapest I’ve found it is at Futureshop for $649.99. Anyone know a cheaper  route?!


Thursday’s music: Groove Salad on SomaFM.
A nicely chilled plate of amibent beats and grooves.

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2 Responses to Visualizers

  1. AppsScraps says:

    thanks Peter, yes, visited there but there’s only a handful (read: 6) all in $US and all shipped via US. The price range on them is huge (which I often think means ‘stolen’). And I’d rather buy anywhere than from the US. hehe. Thanks too for the lead re: avatars.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ebay maybe?

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