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Spent the morning downtown shopping … again. Got Rob Feenie’s new Feenies cookbook at the Giant Book Sale store in the underground PATH system at Bloor/Yonge, just past my least favourite store in the world, Holts.  Great deal, $10 cheaper than Indigo or Amazon. 

The sales lad in there was chatty and thought I was a designer (?!) and asked me to help him with his homework … designing a house in Vancouver. Course, as a believer in the Zen motto: never give advice unless asked, I obliged. Suggested he try to marry LEED aspects into the house (as it was built on a cliff in – presumably – North Vancouver) and make it as contemporary in design as possible. Think Wallpaper* versus Veranda magazine.

Anyway, G went for a facial at the new Clarins Spa. While there, he spotted [name deleted but think very famous Torontonian tv personality] with his … shock, horror … boyfriend.  Course, I won’t dare tell you because I don’t want to be spreading gossip. Ah drats eh?! hehehe

Lunched at Chaife, which I’d highly recommend. On the north side of Cumberland near Nike. Go! The hot Milk Black Tea and egg/bacon sandwich is great!

Rounds in Holts and Zara followed (with yet another purchase! damn!) and sighting of hot hot asian lad (henceforth known as h.a.l) constructed in the circuit boy genere. G advises I should have pounced as h.a.l. is lingering a little too long in my area, clearly interested …. nah, h.a.l.’s while pretty to look at are usually empty of personality, character and intelligence. I like my beautiful OBB (onion bagee boy) with all his eccentricity, style and intelligence.

Saturday’s movie: Memoirs of a Geisha
So, S and I went to see Memoirs yesterday. I didn’t like it … I LOVED it!
Second most favourite movie seen in the last year. 

Michele Yeoh stole every scene she was in, period. Gong Li was amazing (especially when pissed) and out starred Ziyi Zhang I thought. Folks have been critical about the movie for the lack of story but I think the story is true to geisha and takes its time to unfold just as becoming a geisha takes time and patience. It is a stunningly shot film, every scene gorgeous. Especially the scenes where Saguri dances at her coming out: utterly beautiful.

My one criticism is I thought Rob Marshall should have ended the film with the scene of Saguri on the mountaintop tossing The Chairman’s handkerchief to the winds. End, roll credits. Far more impactful ending then the rote Hollywood ending we end up with.

Saturday’s obsession: Cocktail party bar stocking.
We keep saying we’re going to continue the tradition of once/month cocktail parties after work. So, (yet) another visit to Summerhill LCBO to buy more booze: Drambuie; Melon and Apple liqour; Malibu on this latest sojourn.

Saturday’s soon-to-be obsession: NFL Playoffs!
In one hour’s time! Woohoo! After March Madness, my most favourite time of the year!

Saturday’s wine: Casillero del Diablo, Carmenere 2004 (Chile)
Did you that Chilean wine producers had thought for over a century that many of the vines planted in Chile in around 1850 were Merlot. In the late 1990s DNA testing done on these vines discovered, in fact, not Merlot but the more rare Carmenere varietal. Now produced as a signature Chilean style, Carmenere does not show well as a single varietal. Avoid. Look for wines where Carmenere is blended with Cab Sav or Merlot instead.

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