Trash tv reaches rock bottom

Okay, just watched some of “Skating with Celebrities” which clearly demonstrates we’ve hit rock bottom with the whole reality tv genre. It must be the lamest show ever. Simultaneously hilarious and horrible.

The only thing worse would be a show I’ve often thought of pitching: “The Pope Gets Married”, where Pope Benedict interviews 10 girls and guys, one of which he eventually chooses to marry live on CNN, with Wolf Biltzer hosting.

And on this note … when the former Pope swung through Toronto two years ago, I wanted to start a small business selling “Pope on a Rope” soaps. The selling tagline was going to be “Take the Pope places he’s never been before”.

[Note: these are jokes folks – granted bad ones – so don’t go leaving right wing religious fanatic comments cause I’ll just block you if you do].

Edit//: It sure is weird writing this and listening to Puccini’s Madama Butterfly, which btw, I had a role in when the Canadian Opera Company staged the production in April 2003 at the Hummingbird Centre. If you saw that production, I was one of the Stonemen, who moved the sets about during the opera and was Prince Yamadori’s attendant in the third act. [mental note; post pic in costume]

Edit//: Also, finally added some reviews under “Restaurants” in the “Review” tab up above. Restaurants G and I have visited in the past little while. Hope it may be of some help.

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