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Damn! I was thinking with all the quizzes you see on folks blogs, that an opportunity may exist to host a website that collects them … sure enough … someone else (long ago) beat me to it. I’ve suggested Blee, G and I choose one/day to complete. Blee has first choice. I wonder if what you choose first as a quiz tells us something about the person too? Hmmmm…. five will get you ten that it probably does.

Blee chose “Seven Deadly Sins”. Probably because 1) I can’t tell you how many times we’ve tried to remember these while drinking or eating and 2) it represents the “7” in our G7 Dinner Club. Here’s how I scored:















Seven deadly sins created with QuizFarm.com

Looks like I’m both greedy and lazy.


My teeth ache. Why? Visited the dentist today for the regular 4 month cleaning/check up. Who would ever want to be a dentist anyway? I mean, there’s worse occupations out there yes, but staring year after year into people’s mouths, the icky teeth, the bad breath, the drilling and scaling. Eek! You must have a sadist construction to want to head down this career path. No thank you. Urban legend has it dentists have one of the highest suicide rates. My mom, who ran a consortium of psychiatrists for years, confirmed this as well.

On the joys of growing old(er) … I must return to have two back, upper molars re-filled. Dr. E says they’re probably two of the original fillings done back when I was seven or eight. They must be refilled or we run the risk of cracking teeth. Ouch!

Thursday’s trash tv: Dancing with the Stars
Does it say something about the American psyche that the worse dancer on this show, Master P, has yet to be voted off?

Thursday’s food: Frito-Lay’s Sea Salt & Black Pepper chips
Chips are – hands down – my biggest junk food weakness. I salivate just thinking about or looking at  packages. Is that whacked or what?

Thursday’s obsession: Finding that &*$!-ing ruddy picture of me in costume in Madama Butterfly


1) found it! Me in Yamadori costume

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  1. Len_Q says:

    RYC-I’m not much into TV anymore. But American Idol is tolerable. =)

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