Asian Boy Power Night

Dined last night at Matahari on Baldwin, as a combination my and G2’s birthday. First time there. I thought the matahari platter was very good, lots of yummies on it. The decor is funky too. My style. Zenn Soo, the owner, was a fantastic host. Suzie visits here often.

1) they have Love on the walls at Matahari

Dinner was followed with shaking the booty at what we call ABP (Asian Boy Power night) but is actually an Asianxpress dance at 5ive.  Suzie, B & G2, G&S, Blee and my G all boogied. Great fun!

1) the floor awaits us; 2) DJ Sumation spins the tunes; 3) ah, half-naked boys dancing ;)

4) more dance floor; 5) Dai Ja Vue does her thing; 6) Dai Ja Vue does her thing with a little less on!

7) Blee doing scary things; 8) G and Blee (what am I shooting?); 9) our feet (note: my photographic skills decrease in direct proportion to the amount of beer I consume)

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3 Responses to Asian Boy Power Night

  1. AppsScraps says:

    A DPT … what a great idea!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hmm… looks like you need to have a “designated picture taker” that way, you can still have your beer and pics.

  3. ReadyToSoar says:

    Hey how’s it going? Just wanted to say thanks for your comment =) take care.

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