We did the anniversary lunch today at Pallucci. Very funky vibe; sat beside two middle-age artists and overhead all about their families and artwork.  It was excellent!!  Together we had:

  •  Leek and potato soup (nothing like that awful stuff we had Tuesday at Courtyard Cafe) with olive oil in it …. very tasty;

  • Romaine Spears with the house Caesar dressing and fresh parmigiano;

  • Capellini angel hair pasta with sun dried tomatoes and topped with goat cheese and fresh herbs;

  • Seared Angus Striploin on a bed of organic greens, cherry tomatoes, red onion with a balsamic reduction; and for dessert;

  • Tartuffo.

1) Pallucci is worth a visit!

Friday’s update
: the missing cards

Back last week, I posted about the two cards I bought and promptly, er, misplaced. I speculated that I would head out to purchase new cards (one anniversary, one valentine’s day) then immediately find the ones I misplaced. Bet you know where I’m heading with this …. this morning I opened the night table drawer and saw a purple file folder. ‘What’s in that?’ I wondered. Inside, two cards for G. Arrgghh. Freak! I hate getting old.


Friday’s freebie: white jeans

In the lobby this morning was a stack of white jeans. Brand new white jeans. G discovered them first and brought a pair up. I tried them on, and they look pretty fine. Sold! G found a pair too. So, two pairs of white jeans for $0. Now that’s a deal. Note to G: let’s please make sure we never wear these at the same time. Can you say, ‘way too gay’.

1) free jeans, wash first though!

Friday’s consumer review
: the new Gillette Fusion Power razor

G picked up one of these yesterday, which I tried this morning. What’s different about this wet razor? It’s battery operated for starts, which is supposed to send ‘mirco-pulses’ through your face (presumably to a) massage the face and, b) get a closer shave). The 5 (yes, five!) blades have some ‘new patented coating process’ which gives it “incredible glide and comfort”.



Alright, so how does it shave then? … I thought the vibrating action while shaving was a little odd but I think I just need to get use to it. It was certainly smooth yes; and I only managed to knick myself once. Because of the way the blades and lubristrip with vitamin E and aloe are set up, getting any stray stubble under your nose is tough but not impossible. It actually has a percision trimmer blade on the back head of the razor. The shave is close, perhaps closer than any razor I’ve used before. All in all, I’m a satisfied customer. Let’s rate this new razor 8 out of 10.


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    Free jeans? Cool – I need to hang out at your condo.

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