Gay Penguins Stir Nest

You probably read about this today somewhere along the way.

SHY Swedish female penguins sent to seduce “homosexual” male Humboldt penguins in a German zoo failed to break up the male twosomes.

Bremerhaven Zoo last year shrugged off attacks from gay pride groups as far away as the United States over its efforts to establish breeding penguin pairs.

The zoo has too many male penguins, while Kolmarden Zoo in Sweden has an oversupply of females.

At Bremerhaven, the birds, which find new mates every year, form all-male pairs and adopt pebbles as if they were eggs. Last year, officials said the females had arrived too late for pairing.

This year the birds arrived in time but were too shy.


Yet another example of nature winning out over nurture in that age-old battle regarding the ’cause’ of gayness. 
Yonge/Dundas Square – Metropolis

The new facade has been revealed. You can get the gory details at Spacing. This sorry design is by KDA, who if you ask me ought to have their design licence investigated. I’d like to be the first to nominate this horror for a Toronto Pugly Award. That corner is truly becoming akin to some scene out of Blade Runner!

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6 Responses to Gay Penguins Stir Nest

  1. willariah says:

    wow, it’s a party!

  2. abcyeung says:

    never know penguin can be gay too, so whatelse could not be gay?? we may end up with a gay new world with all male couple…hee…hee…I love the new Dundas Square look, very want to shop now!!! YEAH!!!

  3. That’s interesting you mentioned the penguins.  I read a study like that not too long ago about seagulls.  There’s always a further message.
    RYC: Thanks for the encouragement.  Props back at you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just reading the part about the new Dundas Square … gross! So disappointing… sigh.

  5. Anonymous says:

    A gay penguin – holy Batman… ok, that joke was 1 out of 10. Thanks for the pointer to the flaming balls. Here I was doing massive scans of my pc for virus and spywares. lol…

  6. kunhuo42 says:

    hahaha that’s pretty funny about the penguins…
    hmm… i liked brokeback mountain.  ah well, to each his own!

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