How Halle Berry – Hottie Stealer – Connects to Donovan Bailey’s ‘Toy’

In yesterday’s National Post Arts section, was a published picture of the world’s worst Oscar winner acceptance speech-maker, Halle Berry, all lovey-dovey with one of G’s Top Ten Hotties, Gabriel Aubrey.




We’re sure he’s just using her to further his own career.




Still, he is cute, and we will look the other way on this one.


Gabriel, a Montrealer,  first made it big as the face of Hugh Boss. And I remember G back in 2001 saying: “See him, he’ll go far”, and sure enough he has. G really ought to be recruiting models rather than designing buildings. He has ‘an eye’ for it for sure.


But cars are another thing. 


We attended the Holt’s “Boys and Their Toys” function back in 2002, with – as you see – Gabriel on the invite. At this event, we hobnobbed with Carla Collins and those awful designing guys, Steven and Chris, who arrived with the trophy wife of Corel CEO, Marlen Cowpland and her pink poodle, Bunny, in tow. 


Yes, this is Gabriel Aubrey … from the invite to the Holt’s Party we went to back in 2002 (click to see better)


Anyway, we’re mixing and mingling and end up chatting with Donovan Bailey, who’s there to support Big Brothers and Big Sisters Toronto by selling off a picture of himself with his prized “toy” … a gorgeous Porsche. So G’s chatting to Donovan about the picture and what a great shot it is and what a neat car he has.

G then says, “Oh, is it a Porsche Boxster?”

To which Donovan – clearly insulted – replies, “No, a 1960[something] antique [something or other] Porsche”.

An eye for models, yes. An eye for specific cars, well …..

Regardless, that’s how Halle connects to Donovan … well, in our world at least!

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11 Responses to How Halle Berry – Hottie Stealer – Connects to Donovan Bailey’s ‘Toy’

  1. JCFans says:

    I actually know Gabriel in person.

  2. Len_Q says:

    Shorter hair looks better. I don’t have much of an eye for cars either.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Now how do they connect to Kevin Bacon? :P

  4. Fatcat723 says:

    Who cares if he can give a good speech!!!!

  5. he really is cute… =]anyways… *seduces you and finds out your fantasy*

  6. jasonbasin says:

    hehe…. “near perfection” was just because I don’t know who some of those models are.  But the choice of actors, Tom Ford, Beckham, etc … that is perfection!

  7. Donovan is hot!…

  8. abcyeung says:

    “Boys and Their Toys” event sound cool, you are lucky to be invited. Tell us later what happen there and take more pic.

  9. Mm, he is quite attractive. 

  10. Anonymous says:

    He’s velly velly cute.  Me likey velly muchie.

  11. Anonymous says:

    haha – nice story.

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