(NOT) The Better Way

(warning: rant about to occur)

I got out of rehearsals tonight a little early and made it to the King TTC station at 10:05PM. Standing on the northbound platform at precisely 10:05pm.

Before I go on, let’s review the (NOT) The Better Way’s own website around schedules for King Station.

Now, unless I’m reading this wrong, it clearly says “9pm to Last Late PM” trains come every 5 minutes. I arrived at King station at 10:05 which means worse case scenario I’m getting on a train at 10:10PM. NOT at 10:20PM after a long day at work and 4 hours of rehearsal!

The Better Way?! … Fcuk that!

What makes it even worse (read: dumber) is that the Toronto Maple Leafs played at the ACC tonight and finished beating the Hurricane around the same time as I got out. You’d think some overpaid union bot at the TTC would have thought: ‘Hmmm, Leafs are playing and game’s over, maybe we oughta put on extra trains?” before returning themselves to picking the lint from their overstuffed union belly.

I’m tempted to submit a bill to the TTC for the 10 minutes of my life wasted standing on their stupid, bloody platform.

I want my time back! I want my time back!

(gosh, don’t you always feel better after a good rant?!)

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10 Responses to (NOT) The Better Way

  1. aww…life sucks…so just pretend you have that 10 minutes to charity =]feel happyand yes, you do because you are awesomely awesome…i know that didn’t make sence…but too much work to make it make sence and have something deep and moving=]goodnight

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    RYC: I am glad some days to wake up and find I am breathing –success.

  3. Sorry I haven’t been around i nawhile.  Life’s been crazy w/ work.  I’ll try to do better to keep in touch.  Hey I’m sorry that happened to you.Paul

  4. RYC:  Mm, a little too sappy if you ask me.  I need to shape up.  As for my number…well…hehehe.  I used to have it up on my AIM away messages because I wanted my friends to have a way to reach me if they wanted to…but that opened the door to quite a number of…interesting guys calling me.  Hahaha.

  5. Len_Q says:

    I used to live on Dufferin and on numberous occasions I’d stand there for up to 45 minutes waiting. and then 5 buses come all at once!RYC-I must disagree with your analysis. Buying 2 tickets do double my chances of winning. The odds of winning the 649 are approx 1 in 14 million. 2 tickets yield 2 in 14 million, doubling my chances. Odds do remain the same, but because I have 2 tickets, I have twice the odds. If I were to buy all the number combinations, I would have a 100% chance of winning. If I bought 2 tickets for 2 different draws, my odds remain the same.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The TTC SUCKS ASS!!…especially in the burbs.

  7. abcyeung says:

    you should have a TTC pass……. is it faster and cheaper??

  8. Fatcat723 says:

    I do feel better after a rant. And good luck with any Mass Transit System.

  9. Anonymous says:

    haha… it should say, on the average, on most days, there will be a train every 5 mins. The poor system is so underfunded. ryc – thank you for the advice.

  10. willariah says:

    uhh! the ttc makes me scream sometimes. they are ridic. this man fell asleep on the bus to mississauga today and didn’t know about the extra fare zone policy as soon as the ttc is outside of toronto borders. the bus drive stopped service on the bus because the many did not have the fare. what is wrong with our transit system!?!? i honestly suggest u write to the ttc – they do review feedback and u will get a response. xo.

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