As I said yesterday, “the only unbelievable thing is that nothing is unbelievable”. True in life, love and March Madness college basketball games.

Last night, Duke lost! Number one Duke lost!

What more is there to say? …

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8 Responses to Duke

  1. red devilz are hotter!
    and…yay =] im loved

  2. Anonymous says:

    = ) hahah did you just laugh at the comment i made on matt’s page?? hahahah!!

  3. bobmiles1 says:

    when they lose? you say “Fuc…crying out loud”!!!!
    and hope they do better next time

  4. Fatcat723 says:

    Well, I expected Duke to be in the final game. Now I guess I am going barrack for the Gators. I am from Florida.
    RYC: the old drowning man can be used for just about anything

  5. Anonymous says:

    hahah! : )

  6. m3galomaniac says:

    nothing is unbelievable! even devils are blue now..haha
    ryc: getting outta bed sure is one strenous excercise…

  7. Tony likes me? I thought you liked me too…and what do you mean by ‘like’

  8. Gonzaga my pick for the final 4 lost too!!!… arrrgghh…  i am still fourth in my pool though!  Go, Villanova!!!

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