The Neighbourhood

A quick tour about my neighbourhood.


I mentioned the Cheese Emporium yesterday. It’s like right across the way from here and so much more convenient than driving to South Etobicoke. Granted, much smaller than the Boutique, and granted it only stocks Italian not French nicoise olives, but still works for me.


1) Cheese Emporium; 2) the new mega-Shoppers goes up; 3) the new Sobey’s takes shape

4) the Chick n’ Deli

Just down from the Emporium, beside the mega-Shoppers Drug Mart that’s going up, is the Granite Brewery (great beer; so-so food). They brew right on site and the “Ringwood Ale” I can personally recommend.


The new mega-Shoppers is going up directly across from an existing pipsqueak Shoppers. The upsizing is a good sign I think; means growth is expect in my ‘hood …and growth often means a rise in property values!

You’ll see the old Shoppers in the picture with the “Chick n’ Deli“. The Chick n’ Deli is ‘cougar central’ in midtown Toronto. If you’re over 40 (and still dressing like you’re 20), been through several divorces, smoke, wear way too much make-up (to point of making yourself look like a drag queen) … and are desperate … the Chick n’ Deli is for you! Back in mid-February this place was closed down by the City for two code violations: over-crowding and serving booze to minors. The serving booze to minors floored me as I couldn’t fathom laying a foot in this place (despite the live music). Nary a minor in this establishment, gold-diggers maybe but minors, no-way. Unless some whacked underage kid is on the prowl for a blue-haired, blue mascara-eyed s-kank. Eek! 


And work on the new IGA-cum-Sobeys is continuing. You’ll remember the demise of my lovely (and cheap) IGA a while back.


…. and in other news:

  • all the top ranked teams in the March Madness Tournament are now gonzo – bye bye Memphis, Villanova, Duke and UCONN … so, who shall it be? … I’m routing for underdogs, George Mason, but I’m thinking UCLA or Florida will win.

  • tonight we have our full dress rehearsal of Norma in front of a packed crowd at the Hummingbird Centre; very exciting. Opening night is Thursday! “Break a leg”, as they say.

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5 Responses to The Neighbourhood

  1. kunhuo42 says:

    indeed, break a leg!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gotta love the burbs.

  3. Anonymous says:

    good investment in an area like this.. not yet fancy but plenty of potentials. :)

  4. bennykan says:

    Reading this entry makes me miss Toronto even more. What a fun and dynamic city! RYC: Dated back 1909?! You definitely need to preserve those pics! Btw, I see you have a little “My links” section, how do you create that? Thanks.

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