Tea Troubles

I drink a lot of tea. Favourites being Stash‘s jasmine green tea and President’s Choice vanilla rooibos (which isn’t technically a tea since it’s made from the bark of the South African tree, Aspalathus linearis). ANYhow, I make cups at home using the poor man’s method: rather than make a full pot of tea with a couple tea bags, I reserve the tea bag on a plate and reuse it to make a second cup. I do this because:

  • it avoids me having to clean the teapot afterwards (less work; read: lazy);

  • it allows me to get two or sometimes three cups of tea out of one bag (meaning I save money; read: cheap).

So G on the weekend comes into the bedroom and says, “I wanna ask you something”.


“Sure, what?”


“Is there a reason you’re putting the teabag on the plate?”


“Yeh, so I can get more than one cup out of it,” I answer.


“Oh, not this time.”

1) teabag steeps; 2) teabag waits; 3) teabag waste

Anyone else use this method? ….


This posting prompted a number of responses about the ‘creepiness’ of graveyards which I thought was interesting. Perhaps Mount Pleasant is different though; it seems more a park than a cemetery (granted a park with dead folks). But I do think the souls resting there enjoy having the company of the living. I’ve never found myself creeped out when walking, running through it. I’ve felt blessed and honoured (to be alive) and humbled (by the history of the lives, now gone, around me). And though it may seem really odd, comforted as well.

Thursday’s big moment: Opening Night at the Opera

I’m just back from our opening night premier of Norma at the Hummingbird Centre. To borrow from others here who’ve used the Visa commercial ad.

  • Late nights rehearsing my role as a Celtic Warrior: near 60 hours including the commute

  • Enduring the sting of wig glue and the caking of make-up application: 20 minutes/rehearsal

  • Hanging with the stage crew in the Greenroom watching awful tv shows when not on stage: 1 hour 20 minutes/rehearsal

  • Taking a bow on the Hummingbird Stage with the cast on opening night: priceless.

Almost as good as completing an Ironman I’d say! … and tomorrow, the reviews. Eek, the reviews.

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11 Responses to Tea Troubles

  1. me too!  it seems wasteful to just use it for one cup and then throw it away; and if you make a big pot of tea, it will be cold after the first cup.
    agreed: cemetaries are a peaceful and serene place to go for a jog or walk. i dare you to camp in one overnight though!… hahaha

  2. orchidgrass says:

    i love green tea better than red tea

  3. kunhuo42 says:

    yup, i reuse my tea bags too!
    congrats on opening night! 

  4. Anonymous says:

    I reuse my teabags too.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i absolutely love tea but erm, no, i dont double dip my teabags!! hahaha : )

  6. ryc:  you take that back!  haha.

  7. the only tea i drink is bubble tea!  haha…i hate hot drinks. 

  8. lol…anyways…green tea?! GUESS WHAT IM DRINKING RIGH TNOW =]

  9. bennykan says:

    I am the same way too. I usually use the same teabag twice and I would just dump it and get another one if I need a 3rd cup of tea :Dryc: I enjoy reading the Tipping Point book so much! Now everything suddenly is making sense after reading this book!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Oh my, I do the same thing with teabags too. But I hear after 2 or 3, it’s not that good (some chemicals…). Congrats on opening night. I hope the sound of applause will forever ring in your ears. Mount Pleasant – a lot of people walk through their. It is actually home to a bunch of unique trees from what I remember. btw – how much would dinner for 2 be at Rain?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Tea is a big thing in China. I’m personally not a big fan, but my parents are. And in China, one can find VERY expensive tea. The most expensive I’ve ever seen is priced at 1000RMB(about 130CAD) per 50g. It is over ten times more expensive than the price of silver!!

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