Oh, the sadness …

At noon today, I spent an hour on the computer while G manned the telephone in the livingroom. Goal?: purchase tickets for Madonna in Montreal.

Success rate: Zero, nada, zilch, squat, dick-all.

While I was caught up in Admission.com hell waiting, G finally did get a live voice about 12:55, but oh, the sadness … tickets for the first concert (and the second concert they added) sold out in 7 (yes, seven) minutes. Wah, wah, wah.

me in Admission.com hell

We then tried to get tickets for Her Royal Pain-in-the-Butt (sorry Madonna, I’m pissed) in Las Vegas, which went on sale at 1:00pm our time. Again, no luck.

Tickets for her concert in New York City goes on sale Sunday at 9am; Boston and Philly go on sale Monday at 9:00am but as I’ll be in my dentist’s chair at the time.

I guess I have to face it, I’m SOL.


However, we did console ourselves with a romp in the bed so something came (pardon the pun) of this (mis)adventure.

Saturday’s movie: Mrs. Henderson Presents


Blee and I went to see this movie this afternoon at the Regent. I thoroughly enjoyed it: fun, funny, entertaining, sentimental, great acting, a smattering of full frontal male nudity, and a little tragedy thrown in. I thought of my papa and the stories he often tells of growing up in the UK during World War II. Solid 8 of 10 for me.

Saturday’s restaurant: O-Mei
Up in Richmond Hill and packed, packed, packed! Food was good. Blee, G and I ordered off the chinese menu … sort of a mystery meal but good. I loved the mushroom soup; oysters in a ginger, green onion sauce; and a great whole fish. I believe O-Mei has a second restaurant down at Steeles/Yonge.

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10 Responses to Oh, the sadness …

  1. aww…=[ have you bought her cd yet?

  2. bennykan says:

    RYC” Moose Jaw? Wow I am glad my city is not somewhere in Idaho!! LOLP.S. Now do not underestimate the purchase power of gay men. They REALLY get the economy going :D

  3. kunhuo42 says:

    sorry to hear about you not getting tickets! 

  4. Anonymous says:

    sorry to hear that. In China, you can actually pay people to do the “lining-up-at-3am-to-buy-the-tickets” sort of thing. It’s crazy! Maybe there are people like that in Canada?

  5. I think you had to be a one of Madonna’s own children to get those tickets. No luck here either… booooooo… :( … and no one for a consoling romp either… booooo… :((

  6. enRoute says:

    Hahaha, well, sorry to hear that you didn’t get the tickets..but then, I guess you can always buy a DVD. (I know, it’s not the same thing…) Better luck next time! =)I always wanted to try O-Mei, but I thought they only served those veggies food…but guess I was wrong. =P

  7. Anonymous says:

    No luck either for both shows in Mtl. But then again, my bf wasn’t even remotely interested in seeing her even though I said it was my treat. No romp in bed for both of us. btw – love your pun and Benny’s comment above.

  8. bennykan says:

    I hope your romp was longer than 7 minutes! *wink* *wink*

  9. Fatcat723 says:

    Good pun bad time getting tickets on line for anything!

  10. Love the pun. 
    7 minutes!?  Wow.

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