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Don’t you love Easter?! … this morning G and I did our traditional easter egg (read: chocolate) hunt and here was our haul …

Can you say toothache?!

Following that we headed off to Blee’s for a Champagne Brunch to celebrate her elevation to ‘associatehoodness’ … woohoo!  Congrats Blee! It was also our celebration of surviving Lent. Yes, I survived 40 days without “trash tv” and G survived 40 days without shopping (though he did get a get out of Lent-free pass because of his Oscar ballot score).

As a co-founder of our G7 Supper Club Blee – as always – put on a fabulous spread, consisting of:

  • Fruits done in a prosecco sparkling wine gelatin (OMG, amazing);
  • home-made hash browns;
  • roasted pears in a honey, pepper, balsamic sauce and served with manchego cheese (an unpasteurized Spanish cheese);
  • eggs benny;
  • a flour less chocolate cake; and,
  • lots of champagne!

1) everywhere condos!; 2) Cremant de Loire!; 3) yummy drunken fruits

4) brunch plate; 5) flour less chocolate cake with raspberry coulis

Joining us for brunch was the lovely and talented Mimi and Jim; Condo Queen Katherine and friend, Eric. Funny how I always seem more interested in taking pictures of the food versus the people. Hmmmm, must work on that.  Maybe next year I’ll give up taking pictures of food for Lent?

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10 Responses to Associate Blee

  1. abcyeung says:

    Where is the egg..??? Love Easter Egg Hunt!!

  2. enRoute says:

    Drunken fruits?! Haha, that sure looks interesting…I wonder how they taste like. =)

  3. bennykan says:

    RYC: I wouldn’t mind being flirted by fellow xangsters as I needed that when I am down! HAHA. It’s fun! :)

  4. bennykan says:

    The chocolate cake looks quite heavy. Isn’t it? RYC: Thanks for the link. It’s very resourceful. They are from Vancouver and how come I didn’t know this link before? Thanks again! *hug*

  5. Anonymous says:

    what exactly are “drunken fruits”?

  6. Fatcat723 says:

    Wow, now that is a brunch!!!!

  7. YNOTswim says:

    I survived 40 days of rain.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh my… you guys don’t fool around when it comes to food.

  9. kunhuo42 says:

    mmm…  looks delicious!  my brunch was nowhere near that fancy, just sharing time with friends.

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