Si Senor

Damn … Gorgeous weather out there today eh?! To celebrate G and I ventured down to Kensington Market to partake of some authentic Mexican cuisine.

We actually were keen on Cuban but try finding a great Cuban restaurant in Toronto. There is Julie’s Cuban Restaurant on Dovercourt but we didn’t want to venture out that way. We rarely venture west of Spadina! If anyone knows of a place, please let G and I know….

So, hi-ho, hi-ho, off to Kensington Market we go … to El Trompo Taco Bar & Cactus Grill. We ordered up:

  •  nachos;

  • taco al pastor (pork meat marinated in a traditional sauce, and served with onions, pineapple and corriander and served with soft corn tortillas);

  • queso fundido con chorizo (served with 4 tortillas de harina); and,

  • the Mexican pop of choice, Jarritos (pina flavoured for me).

1) El Trompo; 2) Jarritos de Mexico

3) nachos; 4) taco; 5) cheese fondue

I thoroughly enjoyed this place and loved the green salsa they served. If you’re in the market, go!

Saturday’s update: My on-line xanga Restaurant Reviews
I’ve also updated my restaurant reviews section here.

Saturday’s book: Iron Chef, The Official Book
Bought this dirt cheap today and will begin reading it tonight in the green room at the Hummingbird Centre. Tonight is our last performance and we get paid! Woohoo!

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7 Responses to Si Senor

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love all kind of food but I don’t like it when it’s too spicy. I feel like your tongue is on fire and I find that we don’t really taste the food. You’re lucky to live in a multiethnic city meaning you don’t have to travel to taste the food of different cultures.

  2. Anonymous says:

    you watched the constant gardener? do you recommend it? i missed the show!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for putting the reviews up and I had no idea there was an iron chef book!

  4. Anonymous says:

    that looks nice!!! I want my lunch now!!

  5. Fatcat723 says:

    How can you eat so much and stay so thin!?!??!! I  am jealous.

  6. Anonymous says:

    haha yeah true.. with all the freshest ingridents and the higheest level of concept and sophiscated in fine dining. Sometimes i just wana chow down on a nice plate of cheesey nachos or like the Mcdeey special .. the BIG MAC or the Chicken burger orrrr ommggggg mcfilletttt~ I think im gona go out to get some right now after this comment haha.. maybe one day we will get together and just have a super iron chef cook offf! haha.. you and your friends VS me myself and I.  sounds fair? lol  but tell me more about ur G7 supper club.  what do u guys cook? and the whole shaaasbamm..
    yeah i have alot of cook books but not enough yet. even though i haven’t really touched 3/5 of them. i mean i’ve read a few pages here and there and looked at some pictures.. and imagined the tastes in my house, the combination of flavours and textures. most of the time i get the concept of each place by lookin at the ingridents and if theres a picture it sure helps alot. 
    yeah of course i dont mind you subing me.

  7. bennykan says:

    Geez.. I’d better not to read your blog during lunch time or dinner because your blog always make me hungry hehe! RYC: Thanks for your valuable input. You reminded me that I could work with people like my PM throughout my life so it’s best for me to find a way to deal with these people. I am working for a consulting company in which the so called HR dept doesn’t handle conflicts that much. Most of them are handled by managers within the dept. I was thinking to keep my real boss up to date regarding this situation but I am afraid that could backfire because 1) My boss may not support me 2) Once my PM found out I talk about him behind his back he could treat me even worse over the course of the project. Ahhh… life is tough sometimes but next time I won’t be the “nice” guy!

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