Today’s mail


OMG! Look what came in today’s mail! … need I say more? …

Poached Salmon with a Champagne Sauce infused with Asian Flavours

Okay, Michael (Love_Eternal_Desire) may think ice cream is orgasmic … but I’m telling you if you mix 200ml of Champagne with 180g of butter, shallots, soya, a bit of chicken stock and ketjap mansi together and reduce it down to a sauce then pour that sauce over salmon poach in more champagne and serve it with basmati rice you’ve cooked in water you used to rehydrate ancho chiles …. Damn! …. you’ve an orgasm cubed!

Brent’s poached salmon with Champagne sauce … OMG! … a winner!

Jack (MadaMadaDan3):  I’m sure Auberge du Pommier (which, for you out of town xanga readers, is probably the finest french cuisine restaurant in the City of Toronto) does a similar sauce that’s just as to-die for!

Course, you mix a crap load of butter into anything and you cannot go wrong!

Brent’s Crepes Manicotti
Since tomorrow night I must go blah-blah at some 5:30pm function in the boardroom on the 68th floor of the Bank of Montreal  building … oh bloody joy! … I dislike stuff like that immensely, I prepared the manicotti (part two of gourmet week) just now.

 Pic026 Pic027
Brent’s homemade crepes stuffed with ricotta, spinach, lots of basil and mozzarella

The Crab Apple Tree

Finally tonight, I think the crab apple tree hit its peak today … so lovely eh?! …


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18 Responses to Today’s mail

  1. Anonymous says:

    haha indeed we do have a few types Champagne sauces and Champage chantillies too.  but it’s mostly for the use of garnishes on the places. like cream of truffle champagne. – we would whisk to sauce until it foams up and just scoop upt the foam to sauce it.
    but oh man.. with all these dishes you are coming up with, at this pace, i think i’m going to fall behind!!.

  2. Wangium says:

    that macaroni is making me drool…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Darn – I had to wipe the screen in my laptop. I really slobbered all over it. Ryc – your dream – wow, so imaginative! I can imagine the movie … “Fidel’s Secret Love Letters” as told to Papa (not Hemingway).

  4. SubashKuttan says:

    Nice work with the tickets should be fun. Oh my…I love crepes, I’m getting hungry thinking about them :P

  5. willariah says:

    oh and i forgot to comment on this… U ARE SOSO LUCKY!!  how ever did you get tickets!?!?!  uhh!!! LUCKY!!

  6. willariah says:

    where is that tree located? it’s stunning.  the food looks delicious. but it always makes me secretly chuckle when i read the term “asian… ” in this case, “asian spices”…  so mystere. muahaha :)

  7. kunhuo42 says:

    ooh, that crab apple tree is very pretty.  and that salmon looks delicious!

  8. Anonymous says:

    wow.. you got your tickets!! Congras!!
    Those food looks SOOOO good, it is midnight here in Beijing, I really should be in bed, but I’m hungry again!! I’ve been eating KFC for the last couple of days… well, it’s quick and I’ve been on-the-go for the last couple of days! :(

  9. abcyeung says:

    Wow….Madonna tickets…. Can I have one too?? so jealous you guys can go to watch it….. The salmon looks good, want to have a piece of it.

  10. YNOTswim says:

    you really put that much butter to fatty salmon? :) yummy.

  11. shirtpuppet says:

    looks good :o) mmm i love food. Is that tree at a cemetary?

  12. bennykan says:

    Oh I have to have dinner with you all one day if I am in Toronto. Those dishes are just so yummy!

  13. Len_Q says:

    I see someone is going to Montreal. =þ

  14. enRoute says:

    Oh, you’ve received the tickets…must be very exciting for u! =)And btw, can you please stop showing these food pictures…they’re making me hungry!! =P

  15. mattfifer says:

    my gawd are you a chef? everything looks delicious. matt wonders…how do we get on his good side to be invited over for supper? :)

  16. you always have food =]and how much did you pay for those tickets?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Insanely jealous about the tickets (actually – happy for you), I just wished my bf has the same taste in music as I do. That poached salmon – I’m licking the screen of my laptop. My neighbor used to have a crab apple tree and you’re right, it is very pretty when in full bloom. Thanks again for the support Brent.

  18. Awesome tickets!  I bet you’re mighty excited!

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