“Fidel’s Secret Love Letters” as told to Papa (not Hemingway)

(title for today’s post courtesy of Matt [onetonman])


So I must share a dream I had last night. I dreamt my papa and I visited Fidel Castro at the Cuban embassy (presumably in Ottawa). It was clear he and I and my papa had all met before as we were welcomed right into his bedroom! The bedroom was glass-walled on three sides and Fidel was hanging in his pajamas in bed.

In the night table beside the bed were small boxes (shoebox-sized) which contained piles of envelopes from people who he corresponded with. My dad was particularly interested in one of these boxes, marked “Lovers” on the side with a yellow post-it note.

(Course, why Fidel would be labelling boxes in english not spanish is a mute point … it is a dream)

The other boxes had “Political” written on them and “Che”. There were two smaller boxes as well, but I can’t remember what they said. The purpose of our visit was to get Fidel’s love letters as my papa was going to edit and publish them. There was a tacit understanding among us all that Fidel was going to pass on and it would be best to have these letters into papa’s hands for safe keeping so that they did not go missing after his death.

With me still? ….

Anyway, at that point the wind kicked up outside Fidel’s glass-walled bedroom and he sprung from his bed and ran across to the curtains (they were yellow with a floral pattern in red) and shook them vigorously. A squirrel jumped outside and Fidel seemed content it was the wind or this squirrel and not (presumably) some US agent coming to capture him.

He settled back into bed then, and motioned for me to grab the shoebox of letters, which I did.

(then I woke up) …

 …..  Now, why on earth am I dreaming about Fidel’s love letters? ….

Tuesday’s food: Crepes Manicotti
This was day two of gourmet week and I made manicotti crepes. But, I thought these were just okay, not spectacular by a long shot. So hmmmm do I blame myself as chef? Or the recipe I used? They need some umpfth to them … either a whack more cheese or a ton of garlic. Though, I must say I do like the crepes concept vs. traditional tube pasta. It makes for a much lighter meal.


Tuesday’s movie: The Art of Fighting


I just finished watching this fine Korean movie now. It is sort of like Karate Kid (but with umpteen times more violence). Poor Byungtae keeps getting pummeled by kids in his school until he comes across the mysterious Ponsu who teaches him the art of fighting (including the use of coins … now only if his aim were better). This is Shin Han-sol’s first kick at directing and – judging by this movie – we’ve got more good things coming. I felt it was beautiful shot (watch for the road scenes). Jae Han, playing Byungtae, is great at acting with simple facial gestures and looks, which is a real skill. Baek Yoon-shik, as the mysterious Ponsu, plays the fighting mentor with a sorted past hinted at but never revealed. There is a good deal of comedy sprinkled throughout, like when Byungtae reads to use whatever is at hand to your advantage when fighting and opts for a fluorescent blub (still in it’s fixture) and one ragtag bully ends up cutting his partner in crime while fighting. The ending is initially sad but saved under Han-sol’s hand. This film has been on the Korean Top Ten list of films since its release Jan 3rd. Not for kids, very violent.

Tomorrow night’s movie at Brent’s will be the 2004 Taiwanese sleeper, Formula 17, a gay coming-of-age story.


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15 Responses to “Fidel’s Secret Love Letters” as told to Papa (not Hemingway)

  1. shirtpuppet says:

    Thanks for the encouragement :o) and man…i’ve been having weird dreams too haha

  2. Lordy, who knew Fidel’s bedroom was all Laura Ashley?  I wonder if Martha helped him decorate…
    OMG, champagne sauce!!…  I’d be terrified to pour 200mL of Veuve into a saucepan when its rightful place is in my tummy.  hahahaha…   I guess one could use a good sparkler instead of champagne.  (On second thought, I might use champagne on a day that I was feeling extravagant )

  3. mattfifer says:

    can you plesae send me the link your ironman story again? a friend of mine in T.O. is training for IM Canada. Please and thank you! :)

  4. bennykan says:

    RYC: Believe it or not. I have already put my resume up on monster.ca and workopolis since long time ago. So far all I got is some response from soliciting or job offers from companies like Primerica. They usually generate unsatisfactory results. I still believe most jobs come from networking. So maybe if you hearing someone who is hiring, can you let me know? Thanks and hugs :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Who is Fidel?? (I had to google him to find out!) so ashamed now!! :(
    I’ve seen Formula 17, pretty cute guy in it.

  6. willariah says:

    umm, my interpretation of this is your posting recently about your “coming out” experience. has this been occupying your mind recently?  the box of love letters, which your father wanted to help understand/make sense of in editing is somewhat of a glimpse of your relationship with your father and yourself/your lovelife.  perhaps, this box of letters is a projection of your lovelife, something you feel your father/family wants to come to terms with and better understand but you keep somewhat separated or boxed-up?

  7. MrJCHEN says:

    wow the conditioner does work!- jimmy

  8. YNOTswim says:

    maybe you like his beard

  9. enRoute says:

    Why are you dreaming of Fidel? Why him? Hmm…interesting. =PAnd from now on, I have to eat something before I read your post, those pictures just make me go “hmm…yum…” each time I come in. =)

  10. mattfifer says:

    ryc: woo-hoo! i love supper clubs! i’ll let you know the next time we’ll be in T.O.i hope you enjoyed the manicotti :)

  11. Anonymous says:

    I’m salivating now looking at the crepes. Can’t wait for lunch time…

  12. Fatcat723 says:

    Love manicotti – the crepes look soooo good. So when did you first discover you had a secret crush on Fidel

  13. bennykan says:

    While you have you Manicotti, I have my KFC :D It’s toonie tuesday!!! As for dreams, how come your guys can remember your dreams in so much detail? I can remember the important parts but I will forget most of them.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I think Fidel wanted his own movie after he saw “The Motorcycle Diaries”. And I’ll leave you and Jack to battle it out. How you find time to cook on a weekday is incredible.

  15. Anonymous says:

    yeah but only for hmm.. cream sauces? something that when you whisk it enough, it will foam up. hmm.. yeah always strain ur sauces.. or if not puree it till smooth. the last thing u want is bits and pieces of ..mushy.. onins.. in ur sauce lol.. 
    Hmm so the battle is Veal Cuttets eh.. well.. in that case. off the top of my head.. Veal cuttlet maki rolled with baby spinach, grated chedder cheesse. then outside breaded with panko- served with any type of hot soup, wild mushroom soup, i say. no butter since the veal maki will be deep fried, you will want something less oily to comfort ur palet. 

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