Glam 20

Yippee! …. I just placed the order for tickets for this year’s
Fashion Cares: M·A·C VIVA GLAM 20 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
last year’s Fashion Cares

Last year was a riot with its Bollywood Cowboy theme
and this year is the 20th anniversary for this fabulous fundraiser supporting
the Aids Committee of Toronto (ACT). If you’ve never been, this is the year to
Trust me, you’ll have a ball …
  • negotiating your way through the lads making out in the
    Convention Centre washrooms (gosh, that’s so distracting when you’re trying to
  • wandering the show and
  • sipping cocktails
  • seeing the over-the-top fashion
  • dancing, ogling and groping till
  • rocking to the spectacular, spectacular entertainment
    … last year we had Pamela Anderson hosting and memories of the 80s when
    Erasure arrived on scene to do a set
Not that I know anything at all, but we’ve an
in-the-know friend (who shall remain nameless) who dropped a HUGE musical name
for this year’s party.
Dress to impress always for this outing!
On this note, I never cease to be amazed at this time
of the year by the poor, sad, gay gym bunnies out there who are feverishly doing
their narcissistic best to bulk up in preparation for pride activities in June.
This group of sorry, steroid-addled guys are rampant in the gay community and
sadly so in my humble opinion (oops, rant over). Sorry, self-obsessed, muscley
guys are vapid creatures at best and do NOTHING for
Oh, and by the way, Happy Fashion Cares G! Get your
Armani suit pressed, we’re going Glam!
(G doesn’t know I bought these …. yet … though he
will shortly as he’ll be home in a bit and faithfully reads the blog on
his arrival).
Any other Toronto xangsters going?

Friday’s picture: me and my blessed crab apple tree (AGAIN)
I walked to visit the tree twice today. This morning and again this afternoon. And just when I think it can’t be any more beautiful … behold:

  1) this morning; 2) this afternoon


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11 Responses to Glam 20

  1. blossoming trees are the best thing about spring…I went to Fashion Cares last year (got super lucky and scored a FREE VIP ticket from a friend literally at the last minute), wouldn’t have gone otherwise; it’s much too expensive for a night out. (albeit for a good cause).Hmmm, i wonder who will be the special surprise guest this year… any hints??

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fashion Cares? that’s an oxymoron, haha! i say, lower your prices and then show you care! : p

  3. my yard is so beautiful!come up here and you can take pictures

  4. meoni says:

    the flowers are really beautiful. where are they in toronto? i’d like to check them out afteri’m done with my school paper!i agree with harrychn that whole body tatooes sort of turn me off…

  5. Anonymous says:

    whole body tatoo.. no no.. i find it too disturbing. Those flowers are really beautiful!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    That sounds like a lot of fun.  Keep us posted in regards to the Fashion show.

  7. SubashKuttan says:

    That tree is such a picture whore hahaha. ryc: Yeah “crazy” it def has a fantastic groove to it.

  8. m3galomaniac says:

    omg…the flowers are so beautiful…I would sit there and watch it, I don’t get to see them here though..only once when I went japan..sweet..lucky you.
    and bollywood PLUS cowboy theme? hmm….really interesting…

  9. the flowers are beautiful…so beautiful and I wish i could touch it…but of course, if i was outside, there would be so much pollen i’d be sneezing like crazy

  10. bennykan says:

    Wow do you think if his tattoo is real? That’s just like a painting on his back. It’s kind of scary for me :O Yes. Getting sick of the gay gym bunnies. If they take off their shirts, you actually know they are on steroids or not. Why risking their health to achieve something that is so on the surface? And that “oh yeah I am hot!” attitude doesn’t do anything to me too!RYC: Yeah you gotta help me on that as I am hitting my 52-week low on my love life :(

  11. Anonymous says:

    I’ve never been to Fashion Cares (sad eh?) I’ll see if my bf wants to go.

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