Bake Week?

Lady Sarah and I wandered down to The Giant Book Sale Co. on Yonge Street today and picked up some books (me: yet more cookbooks!) and stopped by to see what I’m now calling “my tree” in Mount Pleasant Cemetery. It’s still gorgeous.


While in the bookstore, I decided to follow up last week’s “Gourmet Week” by having “Bake Week” next week. Cupcakes and coffee cake will certainly be on the menu. Lady Sarah gave me yeast (which is in the freezer) which has been passed down in her family since her grandmother’s time. I know that sounds weird but I’ve made her coffee cake recipe before with this yeast and it is TO DIE FOR.


I’m just back from seeing this play at the Royal Alex Theatre. It is the last in our subscription series till September. It was yet another fun adventure in Larkspur with Walt Wingfield. Dan Needles does such a great job bringing that character and the town to life.


The last Wingfield I saw was Wingfield Unbound (at the Wintergarden Theatre) about 3 years ago. We ended up going that night with my cousin-in-law (Su-Ming) and her sister (who was up visiting from Chile). Sadly, Su-Ming’s sister did not speak much english, and, for those of you who have seen any of the Wingfield series, understanding english (and Canadiana) is crucial. I felt sort of bad for her. Eek!


Oh, and wtf, I ended up walking from Yonge/Eglinton down to the Elgin Theatre thinking this play was showing there. Anyway, it’s 7:50pm (show starting at 8pm) and there’s no one at the Elgin.


(Brent pulls out ticket and looks at it)


Shet, play is at the Royal Alex over on King Str not the Elgin. OMG!


(runs while trying to call Blee to let her know I may miss it)


I was supposed to screen Werner Herzog’s “Fata Morgana” tonight at the Bloor Cinema at 11:15pm but me too sleepy so oops, bad Brent.

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5 Responses to Bake Week?

  1. kunhuo42 says:

    ooh, bake week!  i love baking!

  2. Len_Q says:

    ryc… this is what i found out. We should get it back when we files taxes. the sectoin on buying a new home

  3. Anonymous says:

    HAHA….I’m a cookbook junky myself….over 55 as of late…but only ones that are a good read as well. I like to know WHY they use this and that…what the history behind it is. What doid you wind up getting?

  4. Anonymous says:

    RYC-My visit to Canada was during winter. :( So cold! I remember the day I first arrived in Montreal, it was -32 degree centigrade. SOOOOOO cold.. anyways.. i would love to go back again in the summer or anytime really, just not winter!

  5. Anonymous says:

    You sound so passionate about cooking.. how many cookbooks do you have?? I personally don’t like cooking, but I do enjoy watching people cook.. especially the talented ones.. watching them turning raw materials into fab looking, delicious tasting dishes.. it’s like watching someone doing magic tricks. hahaha

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