Surgery is set

You’ll remember back on March 1st my papa was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. His surgery was set for June 12 but my mom rang Tuesday to inform me they moved the date up …. to tomorrow! 

prostate cancer week

Naturally, that sent me into scury-mode trying to get myself to London in time to see him before he goes under the knife. I was successful and landed here tonight around dinner, which mom and I ate while he sipped soup. Poor Papa. What’s strange about all this is i) I was actually signing off one of my staff’s personal leave request on Tuesday when mom rang (this staff member’s son is also having surgery tomorrow); and ii) the Statistics Canada Social Trends book that landed on my desk Tuesday afternoon contained a study of cancer survivor rates across Canada 1, 3, 5 and 10 years post recession. Prostrate cancer was among the highest … 98% of men who have survived prostrate cancer are alive 1 year after recession while 91% are still alive 10 years out.

Isn’t it strange that these two things would happen on the day my mom rings with surgery news?!

Right, I’m tired and need sleep. Papa goes under the knife tomorrow at 11am.

If you’re at all religious, prayers welcome. (thanks)

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13 Responses to Surgery is set

  1. SubashKuttan says:

    Best of wishes with your Dad’s surgery, and hope you will enjoy London under the circumstances :)

  2. willariah says:

    well that’s definitely the biggest gift your mother could have gotten for mother’s day, is an earlier surgery for your dad. i’ll keep your family in my thoughts and hope your mother’s day is spent with lots of quality time:)

  3. enRoute says:

    I’d like to wish him all the best. =)

  4. kangyunkun says:

    All the best wishes to your Dad.

  5. mattfifer says:

    good luck to your Dad – may his surgery be a success!ryc: thank you for the offer about e-mailing WestJet Sue. Apparently it’s really difficult to get even a ‘checking-in’ job, but who knows? I will talk to my advisor first to ask her what she thinks of me working while thesising. Plus I’d only be able to work part-time AT MOST, so we’ll see. Thank you though! *hugs*

  6. Anonymous says:

    ohhh.. all the best to your old man!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wish him the best. The power of will is one strong thing!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I wish your dad all the best. It is certainly nice to know he has a supportive son. :)

  9. meoni says:

    though i’m not religious, i believe in divine powers from above us.whoever or whatever that is, i hope your dad will recover soon.stay strong yourself and take care of your mum, too, ‘kay?

  10. Fatcat723 says:

    I will keep your family in my prayers. Make sure you and your mom get some rest. All the stats sound good but he is your father so they mean nothing right now. Hug

  11. I wish for nothing but the best!

  12. bennykan says:

    Such a short notice. Make sure you get enough rest too. Wish your dad have a successful surgery. Have a safe trip in London.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I will keep your dad in my prayers. Get some rest and wish him a speedy recovery from us. *hug*

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