There’s No Place Like Home

Spending time at Riverside made me realize, yet again, how comforting ‘going home’ is … this, despite the circumstances. Sleeping in ‘my’ room; wandering the garden (alright, more working in the garden but that was fun too); evenings just chatting with mom. All that stuff I studied in English Lit about the importance of your ‘hearth’ came ringing true over those 5 days.


Granted, my mom and I have radically different takes on decorating. Mine is more a modern esthetic (thanks G!). Mom’s, far more traditional as these few pics show.

Pic017  Pic019
1) the dinning room overlooking the Thames; 2) Mom’s livingroom (foreground) and sitting-room (background)

3) ding-dong all day long [and so loud!]

Papa’s garden is gorgeous and they recently had an artist friend of theirs, the watercolourist Helen Allen, do a couple paintings which are in the kitchen (of all places).

Here’s a picture I took Saturday alongside Helen’s watercolour.

1) my picture of the trellis; 2) Helen’s version done last summer

3) Papa’s iris; 4) “Mom’s Porch” and the kitchen window by Helen

5) looking across to the bird feeder

Monday’s reading: Three actually.
With thanks to orchidgrass, Mishima‘s “Confessions of a Mask” and with thanks to Jack, Wolk’s “What Einstein Told His Cook” and Dornenburg and Page’s “Culinary Artistry“.

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7 Responses to There’s No Place Like Home

  1. WOW. I absolutely love your papa’s garden.  I wish I owned a house so that I could have a garden to tend.  Irises are my absolute favourite flower in the world too!
    Confessions of A Mask is great book, Mishima was a brilliant person (albeit slightly fascist). 

  2. Anonymous says:

    ryc: thanks…The garden looks so surreal; a tiny version of Butchart Gardens in Victoria.
    Glad your Papa is doing well :)

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    Nice home and garden. There is something to going back and experiencing the “my” room event. Brings back a lot of memories.

  4. a little late…but i’m glad your father is doing well!
    what a beautiful garden!

  5. Anonymous says:

    wow… nice garden!

  6. Jeez – your mom and my parents have literally the exact same decorating tendencies. 

  7. enRoute says:

    NICE home~! =)

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