Moving Music

Lady Sarah and I toured some spectacle shops today to scare up new glasses for me. Afterwards I headed to my usual Wednesday afternoon haunt, Yorkminster Park Baptist Church, to hear an organ recital. Today
was the last concert before the summer break … wah wah wah … however, Janet
MacFalane Parker had Johann Sebastian Bach’s oh-my-gawd-wonderful Passacaglia
& Fugue in C Minor, BWV 582, on tap. The Passacaglia remains my favourite
piece of music and one of the most beautiful things ever scored, IMHO.


I even used my love of this piece in a novel, placing
it as the sole fixation of Sammie, the eccentric, odd-ball son, who takes to
painting the sheet music on his bedroom walls.
The Passacaglia never fails to elicit emotion. It
takes you on a journey from conflict and grief to sublimity. And always, halfway
through, sits that

section delicately reminiscent of a child’s music box song. And there, for a
moment, you dwell in memories of endless summers, and friends, and the sense of
utter joy that came with feeling what ‘love’ truly meant before being clouded by
Amazing for a
piece of music composed three hundred years ago, somewhere between 1703-08. The
score can be found here for those interested in a piano version for four hands.

G … get to
practicing!  G plays a mean piano. Here he is serenading me while at Zane’s
Grey’s Pueblo on Catalina Island. Awwww … how

 Catalina - Gary at Zane Grey's piano

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9 Responses to Moving Music

  1. mattfifer says:

    G is so sweet!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hmm…I don’t really know how to appreciate classical music. Used to play piano when I was young, but only managed to reach up to Grade 3.

  3. bennykan says:

    Awwww..I bet I would cry when someone plays piano for me hehehe :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    i cant believe you used “gawd”(street slang) with Bach (classics) : p

  5. Fatcat723 says:

    Love the work of Bach. I have tried moving from piano to organ but it takes lots of practice since the touches are to different. So G is a romantic
    RYC: Greate rule for the house!

  6. Oh, that is SO sweet!  I wish I could seranade someone with my rad skills on the piano!  Haha.  And by the way…I got a good smile out of the comment you left on asymetrik’s site! 

  7. Anonymous says:

    I always wanted to learn to play the piano.. :( a good friend of mine plays and he offered to teach me, but I’ve never taken on his offer.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Romantic indeed.  I’m classical guitar myself, but always wanted to learn the piano…just to big for the house i lived in…lol

  9. abcyeung says:

    Wow…so romantic… I love music too, but too bad I don’t know how to play panio… I believe you must be so touching when he play panio for you….. Music to go your heart

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