One Hundred Thousand Degrees

So, it was a hundred thousand degrees today in Toronto. And what do I decide to do when it’s a hundred thousand degrees in Toronto?….. why, turn both the oven and stovetop on and make roasted red and orange pepper soup. Brilliant eh?!

Moron, aren’t I?

But, here’s the thing, my parents are making the journey from London to pay a visit for a bit come Wednesday so I wanted to make a bang-up dinner for them … a Father’s Day Dinner Delayed, if you will. As I’ve dragon boat practice tomorrow night, I decided to clean out the last few peppers G and I bought in St. Jacob’s and make a soup.

…. oh, did I mention … I made these soups in nude too?!

Bet you’re just itching to see pictures of that eh? Sorries, my nudity is saved for the closest of friends only  
So … on to the soup:

1) the ingredients are prepared; 2) mise en place done; 3) peppers roasted

4) Blanche de Chambly helped cool things down … oh! look at that garlic!; 5) the veggies are softened; 6) the potatoes and stock added [Jack, sorry, I cheated and used store-bought]

7) oops, no Blanche left so on to this lovely Estate Reisling; 8) whizzzz went the orange peppers; and 9) voila, two soups done – Roasted Red and Orange Pepper soups

Brilliant, so the soups are done and a’chilling for Wednesday night. Tuesday I have to make a dipping sauce for the shrimps and a key lime pie and I’ll be set.

Sunday’s movie: X-Men: The Last Stand


G and I saw this film this afternoon, which was a lovely reprieve from the heat. I thought it was just ‘okay’. I just kept thinking the whole time, ‘will they just hurry up and get on with it already’. So, rating wise, 2 out of 5 for me. They killed off a few folks; great. And what was with the trailer after the credits rolled? Is that Charles Xavier returning to life? … and who’s Moira? (sorry, I don’t read the comics so I’m a little doh! when it comes to these things).

Sunday’s best buy: funky glass coasters at Kitchen + Stuff
Picked up these today for $3 (for a set of four). Very funky I think.


Sunday’s procrastination: Niece P’s painting
Niece P has been asking me for sometime time (read: before Christmas) for a smaller version of my “Coming Thru White” work. So, I have bought the canvas and actually laid out the design last night … my good intentions of finishing the painting (in hopes of having it done for my folks arrival so they can cart it back to London) is, well, a long shot now unless I pull an all-nighter.

Coming Thru White (the little version) started

Quickly, on my papa, I did speak with him this morning and he is doing excellent. Healing really well. He has already started golfing again (albeit from about 100 yards from the pin and using a golf cart). Still, great news!

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10 Responses to One Hundred Thousand Degrees

  1. Anonymous says:

    what happened to chris Mcdonlad??  i dont really like his style or HIM at all.. but i do like the gossips haha.. so fil me up to the top my good frirend!!!  what happened?!?!
    i did astage at Avalon for like 2 days and I hated it.. that’s all i  have to say about him and his restaraunt..

  2. meoni says:

    the chilled soup looks really yummy and healthy, too!you must have a house party and invite all your friends and, of course, lots of the soup!pumpkin soup served in cold is equally delicious!
    glad to hear your papa is recoverinly brilliantly!

  3. m3galomaniac says:

    wow…you’re a naked chef too huh..good luck to your painting. It’ll be a lovely delayed fathers’ day gift.

  4. Nude cooking!  Heeheehee!

  5. bennykan says:

    Yes the soup looks very delicious!!

  6. Fatcat723 says:

    All the food looks delicious. Glad to hear your papa is doing well. His golf game will get better as he gets back into the swing of things (no no I did not say that!). Cooking in the nude –watch the splatter do grease!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    The soup looks delicious! I’m glad to hear that your dad is recovering nicely. As for cooking in the nude – no deep frying ok?

  8. Anonymous says:

    hmm.. buy some pine nutz. toast them lightlyand then grind them into crumbs.. and bread the pickeroll with crumbs
    and deep fried it then make some kind of mayo dip.. like roasted red peper with hot sauce or somethingor lemon alioi..  and eat it with citrus segments.. like oranges or grapfruit. i say grapefuit cuz it has more acid
    since pickeroll is a fattie fish and u are also deep frying it.. like fish and chips but with pine nutz crumbs.. the grapefruit acidic will balance everything out.

  9. what magazine? =]sadly…i’d have to find something chinese x.x cuz he doesn’t read english

  10. kunhuo42 says:

    making soup on a hot day?  hmm…  sounds like that day i decided it would be a good idea to bake on a really hot day, in my old apartment (which gets no air circulation whatsoever). 

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