Conquer Impossible

Monday night I had dragon boat practice, which I must say I do love. Shsss, don’t tell Coach Vince as he’ll have me out on the water 3 nights/week. I’ve been moved to midcrew and am now paddling left rather than right. Cool.


I love being out on the water at sunset;
I love the camraderie of the crewmates I’m just getting to know;
I’m utterly fascinated with the skill required to ‘master’ the dragon boat paddle stroke; and,
I simply adore when these things come together perfectly and the boat seems to move itself across Lake Ontario.

Tuesday night I ran after work (and before the key lime pie disaster) and felt great, shaving 26 seconds off my time for the usual route I follow.

I love jogging at the end of the day;
I love the quiet moments of inner reflection it brings me;
I’m utterly fascinated with the skill required to ‘master’ the art of foot following foot; and,
I simply adore when these things come together perfectly and time seems to stop – if only for a moment – and “I” cease to exist.

My jog yesterday got me to thinking about this:


My triathlon bike, which has – literally – sat unused on my balcony since July 25, 2004 (the day I completed my Ironman Triathlon)

And this:


My Ironman Triathlon ‘m-dot’ tattoo which forever brands me as someone who endured what seems utterly impossible – swim 4 kms then cycle 180 kms then run 42kms all in a single day.

But, if you master the art of mind over body, and suspend “I”, and sink into ‘the moment’ … you can conquer even the impossible. And believe me, once you conquer impossible you are forever changed on levels hard to imagine … let alone explain.

So, don’t delay. Whatever your passion is; whatever secret goal you cherish; whatever out-of-reach dream you seek … go after it!

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11 Responses to Conquer Impossible

  1. mattfifer says:

    I can’t wait to get back into triathlon. My bike has been in storage in my sister’s basement while travel and finish school. Looking forward to meeting you in Ottawa!

  2. kunhuo42 says:

    geez…  triathlons are crazy.  i’m just trying to get back to running the 5-6 miles i used to be able to do with no problem in high school, let alone think about training up for a marathon.

  3. meoni says:

    jogging at the end of the day after a day’s work could be tiring.when my work day was hectic and demanded a lot of mental energy, i didnt feel like exercising at all! just wanted to go home and relax and eat… =P

  4. bennykan says:

    Triathlon… let’s see I think I wouldn’t be able to finish the first-a-thlon because I won’t be able to swim that far. LOL

  5. Anonymous says:

    Tri tri tri – how’s dragon boat compared to triathlon? Have you been doing an triahtlons following Ironman? Hey…come to Malaysia for your 2nd Ironman. I’m hoping to try it out next year *being ambitious*

  6. brooklyn2028 says:

    Dragon boat is awesome. You switched to lefty? Cool. Even though I’m a righty, we never had enough people for left so I started out left.I wanted to do the Scotiabank Full Marathon this year (did the 1/2 last year) but I injured my leg and it’s still healing. T__T Hopefully next year!I’m seriously impressed that you finished the Iron Man! That’s so wicked. ^_^

  7. m3galomaniac says:

    Cool tatoo..must’ve meant “this guy knows mind control”..Have fun for your training..All the best for the race!

  8. Fatcat723 says:

    Good luck with the dragon boat. Question – did you bake it this time naked!?!?!?!

  9. enRoute says:

    Wish you all the best in the dragon boat race!! =)ryc: hehe, yes, it’s a very catchy tone isn’t it?

  10. wow! Iron Man… thats incredible!!.  much kudos to you!!  I’d like to attempt a marathon one day… better start training.  ;)

  11. Anonymous says:

    You did triathlon?? oh my god.. well done!! I rode a bike for 50 kms a while ago, and it almost killed me!!! hahahah..

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