Key Lime Pie (Revisited)

I did manage to restore my own faith in pie-making and made a pie yesterday (clothed!) shortly before my parents arrived. I’m glad to say, it worked out fine and tasted wonderful!

Key Lime Pie Success!

A Visit to My Great, Great, Great Grandparents

1) me with my GGG Grandma Mary [died 1849]; 2) me with my GGG Grandpa Erasmus [died 1866]

Family histories are so fun to
investigate. Part of our adventure yesterday was to seek out the gravesite of my
great, great, great grandfather and grandmother.  We are very lucky on this particular side of
the family to be able to trace my family
back with documented proof and utter certainty to 1610.  If you do the math, that’s my great, great,
great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather, Philip.


Philip’s parents were most
likely Huguenots who fled France during the persecution that followed the
St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre of 24 August – 17 September 1572 and settled in


The line then gets murky through the
dark ages but re-emerges with utter certainty again (insofar as things so long
ago can be certain) in 925, with Sir Roland De X [name removed on purpose].
Roland is the earliest perfect documentation of the name X. What is fascinating
is that historians have confirmed that Sir Roland was the great, great grandson
of Rollo, “The Strong”, First Duke of Normandy (860-932). In other words, Rollo
had a son, David Senior, who had a son, David Junior, who gave birth to Roland.


Very cool, huh. With Rollo on the
family tree, we can trace our family all the way back to – get this – 580 A.D.
before it gets lost in the sands of time again.


Here’s that

  • St. Arnulf, Bishop of Metz (582-640) had
    a son Ansegisel (d. 678)

  • Anesgisel married the daughter of Pepin I “The Old”
    (lived 626, d. 640), St. Begga

[gawd, imagine, me linked to not one but two Saints!]
  • St. Begga and Ansegisel had a son, Pepin II “Plectrude” (lived 680,
    d. 714)
  • Pepin II’s son (with his mistress, Alpaida) was Charles Martel
    “The Hammer” (688-741)
  • Charles Martel’s son, was Pepin III
    “The Short” (714-768)
  • Pepin III married Bertrada, and
    their son became the very famous,
    Charlemagne “The Great” … the First Holy Roman
  • Charlemagne (Apr 742-Jan 814)
    married Hildegard “The Swabian
[Charlemagne had MANY wives and mistresses but we trace our line through
his 3rd wife
  • Their son (the second son and first
    legitimate son of Charlemagne) was Charles “The Younger”
  • Charles, The Younger had an
    illegitimate son, Charles Junior, who gave birth to Alexander
  • Alexander Senior had Alexander
  • And Alexander Junior had another
    Alexander (Senior)
  • And it was this Alex Senior who had
    Rollo “The Strong” (where all this started)

Got all that?!


Course, why is it that so many
family histories seem to always trace back to royalty? … Is this why I’m so
bloody pompous?!

Thursday’s meal: Greece Restaurant
After our touring, we visited the Distillery District for lunch and shopping, before heading home to meet G. We headed to Greece Restaurant on Mt. Pleasant for dinner. Yummy!

1) Papa in Greece; 2) saganaki cooks; 3) B and mum at Greece

Thursday’s perfect moment: sitting on the balcony watching the sun set with my parents and G


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14 Responses to Key Lime Pie (Revisited)

  1. Anonymous says:

    The pie looks great! The sunset is gorgeous. It’s wonderful that you’re able to document your family tree to this level of detail. Some of my friends aren’t even interested in their heritage and ancestry… what a loss.

  2. orchidgrass says:

    that’s rather complicated. but it seems everyone from europe has a royal ancestor. very interesting. you really resemble your father.
    and i don’t think taking photos in a cemetary is a common practice here!

  3. bennykan says:

    Oh wow can you still be able to draw the family tree? And glad to know you spent quality time with your parents :) How’s you father doing?

  4. Anonymous says:

    yeah that’s pretty much how i was taught and grew up with knowing that every thing on the plate that you see, garnish or desgin should be all edible. food is like art but everything is edible.   i always garnish my plates with alot of herbs and sprouts to make it look all fresh and like a garden .. or sometimes i deep fry some chips.. yam, beets, parsnips, tomato skins or pretty much anything tha ti feel like that day. i’ll use as garinish.

  5. AishahAnsari says:

    pie looks yummy…i dont i know where my GGG grandparents were buried… :(anyway…happy weekend ;)

  6. willariah says:

    oh yes! lemme know how u did at dragon boat!

  7. willariah says:

    save me a piece of that pie! hahaa.. u and ur father have such a strong resemblence, it’s crazy. i wish chinese people did family trees.

  8. btw, good job on the key limeryc: i think so too =P

  9. wackerboi says:

    RYC: Many thanks for the recipe! I will try it when I get back home, Happy Pride!

  10. meoni says:

    good to hear that you had a great time with your folks.and congrats on the pie revisited.a family tree compiled, i’m impressed.

  11. wackerboi says:

    Your family tree is so impressive! And the key time looks so delicious! Is this a family recipe? I love to make pie too, I would love to try your recipe if you would kindly agree to share it with me. Cheers!

  12. Fatcat723 says:

    I love Key Lime Pie -and of course it is plentiful down here in Florida. Each place has it own method of making it. The pics look good too – everyone having a good time and enjoying each other.
    RYC: I forgot that quote —maybe another time. lol lol

  13. enRoute says:

    Congrat on your new successful pie! =)

  14. Anonymous says:

    I love the last two pictures, so peaceful. and you are very lucky to have shared moments like this with the people you love. :)

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