And Our Winner Is ….

Thanks and congrats
go to jadedmonkeyTO, who, while not getting everything right, made the Herculean
effort to try and figure out where G and I spent our holiday weekend from the
pictures. Congrats jadedmonkeyTO! Drop me an email (address at left) to claim your prize.


Sheraton Centre Pool

For everyone’s
edification, the pictures were of

1 & 2 – Ikea,
North York
4, 5 & 6 – North
Hall, St. Lawrence Market
7 – our room at The
Sheraton Centre
8 – the (over-rated)
pool at the Sheraton Centre (Toronto Life, I think, said this was the second
best hotel pool in the City after the Hyatt … if this is the case, it’s a sad
statement on Toronto’s hotel pools)
9 – Osgoode Hall
(our law courts) taken from our room at the Sheraton
10 & 11 – the
beautiful New City Hall Toronto
12 & 13 – Nathan
Phillips Square
at New City Hall
14 – view of CN
and SkyDome (aka Rogers Centre) from the Sheraton Club
15 – view of the
financial district heart from the Sheraton Club Lounge
16 – OCAD (aka the
Ontario College of Art & Design)
17 & 18 – Bass
Pro Shops Outdoor World at Vaughan Mills Mall
19 – furniture and
carpet store excellence, ELTE
20 – Caban
21 – 25 – various
pictures from home
26 – artist Noel
Harding’s “Elevated Wetlands” sculpture along the DVP, commissioned by the
Canadian Plastics Association Industry in 1998
27 – the DVP
overpass at Bayview/Queen
28 – Gio’s
restaurant on Queen Str East

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2 Responses to And Our Winner Is ….

  1. willariah says:

    uhhh! that jadedmonkey! stealing everyone’s thunder as usual! muahahaha it just figures he’d be able to identify a public pool. ha! jMo.. if u’re reading, i love you. :)

  2. mattfifer says:

    Hi there! Is that Sheraton Centre pool 25m? And more importantly, is it in T.O.?As I’ve previously mentioned, my tri training is on complete hiatus; my bike is in my sister’s basement in Ohio, but I’m planning on going to Ohio for a family reunion in August, and I shall bring my bike back. I’m not working right now, except working on finishing my thesis by mid-Sept, once I start working full-time and making un peu d’argent I’m planning on joining the Toronto tri club…what are your thoughts on that club? Up until now I’ve found that I enjoy training the most in a group of people…except on long runs, which I prefer doing solo.I shouldn’t really classify myself as a ‘triathlete’ since I haven’t raced since 2002 but this long vacation from triathlon is just getting me more and more excited to jump back into serious training and racing. I’m planning on doing just olympic distance next summer, and progressively go longer after a nice solid year of training and racing. My technique and transitions definately need lots and lots of practice. Sorry for the super long post — I just am excited to get back into it. I understand what triathletes mean when they say triathlon is “like a drug.” At least that’s what it felt like when I used to race. Have a great Thursday!

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