Thursday’s dinner: Thuet (from last Friday)

Thoroughly enjoyed dinner Friday at Chef Marc’s new abode on King Street. I started with cantaloupe soup with port and topped with a dollop of ‘aged balsamic sobert’ (a fancy-smachy way of saying frozen vinegar). My main was a choucroute of “Icy Waters” arctic char with basil emulsion. “Icy Waters”??? silly adjective imho but the fish was excellent. G had the summer navarin of lamb with hand rolled potato gnocchi. That was a winner for sure! The bread baskets kept coming and bottles of white and red helped topped off a great evening. Our waiter was one of the best I’ve had in Toronto in some years. The space is lovely, though far too noisy. Blee has been there for lunch and commented it’s much quieter. Worth a visit for sure.


the Architect; the Director; the Ironwoman and the Tennis Star enjoy Thuet


For a decidedly off-the-beaten track view of some very interesting places to eat during your next American road tour, check out this listing on Concierge’s website based on the couple’s book and website. Institutions of culinary excellence these are not but still worth a try. Thanks to Blee for the lead on this unique listing.

Thursday’s World Cup dessert of choice: Blee’s oh-so-fabulous Prosecco and Summer Fruit Terrine


OMG World Cupolicious!

Thursday’s Tattoo parlour: Well, don’t know the name of it …
But it’s on King just east of Thuet’s. Looks good fun. My tattoo artist operates out of his home and is a genius for old folks like myself. It’s comfortable, discrete and thoroughly clean and safe. This place, though, could tempt me into a visit for some token tattoo.


Thursday’s Naughty Game: Naughty American History
If you’re ever in need of a fun – and educational – game to play to help you … well, to help with things …. pay this silly site a visit. Not only lessons on history but you get to watch a guy strip! 

Thursday’s Xanga Site Addition: Music
I finally found time to add my iPod to Xanga. Check that off my list.

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9 Responses to Thuet

  1. mmmagination says:

    Hey! Thanks for your comment. You have a nice blog here. Honesty is the best, but at what cost? I just don’t think now is the right time. They are just speculating for now… I don’t think they know for sure.

  2. Anonymous says:

    you always have a way of putting things into perspective. i guess my star will just have to shine brighter now that it’s by itself for the next little while.your last entry was touching.

  3. enRoute says:

    hahaha…World Cupolicious, it looks very interesting! I wonder how it tastes like. =)poor me…I couldn’t go summerlicious with my friends this past wk due to some family matters..hopefully I can make it next time.. =(

  4. willariah says:

    hey hun, u must show me how to add your iPod to xanga too; that’s so hot.hope all is well – apologies again for being m.i.a. last friday and sunday. it looks like you glammed it up. and what’s this talk of blueberry jam? hmm!

  5. lucky!maybe i should move over there! does your boyfriend drive you around or…? =]

  6. Fatcat723 says:

    A little tattoo – mmmm interesting and sexy!!

  7. YNOTswim says:

    is there any painless tatoo?

  8. Do you have a tattoo?

  9. m3galomaniac says:

    I still can’t get him to strip his boxers!! argh…I’m so dumb..anyway nice fruit desert…looks frozen..kewl.

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