5 Dollar Gourmet

Sunday’s Summerlicious: EDO Revisited
Friday night, G, Blee and I met up with friend, xangster, and singer extraordinaire (check some of his songs here)
, willariah, for a 2nd Summerlicious dinner at EDO.

Seafood Taru-Taru Yasai Maki, Lettuce-wrapped chopped seafood in handrolls and hosomaki
2) moi with willariah

Sunday’s dinner: 5-minute gourmet
Saturday after adventures in Chinatown East, antiquing in Leslieville, sampling of Pinot Noirs at Summerhill LCBO, and visits to The Art Shoppe and Au Lit Fine Linens, we opted – last minute – to prepare a mini gourmet meal and even dragged out the ‘good’ china.

Pic060Pic059poulet vol au vent
1) spinach salad with blueberries; 2) the ‘good’ china and Blee’s excellent napkins; 3) poulet vol au vent avec petales de safran

Sunday’s birthday: “Crazy” Karen’s Surprise 65th
Today G and I headed west to Port Credit and LA’s palatial home on Lake Ontario for ‘crazy’ (in a good way) Karen’s 65th birthday. Karen and I go way back (like to my birth). She’s a dear friend, and a wonderful actress, set and prop designer who’s won awards for her work. Yay Karen! Through a difficult divorce, it was not uncommon for Karen to visit my place for conversation and Ouzo that often lasted late into the night. hehe

It was wonderful to be on site for her surprise birthday and great my parents even hauled themselves from London to make an appearance at this special occasion.

1) the surprise is sprung; 2) Karen and my mom reconnect

Sunday’s stupid quiz: Pocky (which I do love)

what flavor pocky are you?
[c] sugardew

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15 Responses to 5 Dollar Gourmet

  1. brooklyn2028 says:

    How was EDO?? Always wanted to go but there are WAY too many good restaurants in Toronto to go to.I wish I was green tea pocky too and not strawberry which seems kinda boring to me… ^_^

  2. btw – Hanson!?!?!?  for goodness sakes!… i keep having to forward to Nina Simone!… 

  3. Anonymous says:

    ryc: I ride a Giant TCR3. Cervelo are cool bikes, but I’m not ready to handle such a nice bike.

  4. man everyone is just taking that quiz these days

  5. upstated says:

    oooh green tea pocky!!!– kj/asymmetrik.

  6. enRoute says:

    your own little gourmet looks very professional! =)

  7. bennykan says:

    Hey yeah I will be in town on the 31th! Let’s get together!

  8. mattfifer says:

    Ahhhhh…summerlicious and winterlicious….two really great reasons to move to Toronto! I can’t wait!! Many happy returns Krazy Karen!

  9. MrJCHEN says:

    yummy yummy yummy :)
    – j

  10. willariah says:

    wait til u try the new banana custard or chocolate custard pockys. delish. it was my pleasure hanging with u guys friday:)

  11. orchidgrass says:

    i love silly quizzes. i’m…i don’t know how to call that…you’ll check it out in my xanga. why are we a pocky?

  12. m3galomaniac says:

    Green tea POCKY?!?!? must be the japanese..

  13. kunhuo42 says:

    ryc: hahahaha yeah, i was thinking aobut that when i got the results back from that quiz.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Food looks awesome.I’m a Cap Cap Ice Cream Cookies – unique, creative, clever you shun comformity and seek to stand out. Pocky is too trendy for you!

  15. kunhuo42 says:

    yum, that looks delicious!that’s funny, apparently i’m like a milk pocky. mmm… pocky is good (but oh-so-bad for you… sad).

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