Pool Party

Today, Lady Sarah and I trekked out to the wilds of Scarborough to visit Gord & Ann’s place for a bbq and an afternoon of lounging and gossiping around the pool. Gosh, I do love lounging and doing nothing. It fascinates me … I could lounge and do nothing everyday. Honest!

1) Lady Sarah prepares her dressing; 2) Echinacea; 3) Ann’s beautiful garden


4) the pool awaits us; 5) me and Nemo hang out; 6) more garden

7) Ann & Lady Sarah gossip; 8) the happy couple; 9) another happy couple

Ann and Gord laid on a wonderful spread as usual, including a yummy chicken caesar salad with Lady’s Sarah’s famous garlic dressing. After lunch it was time to work … at sitting, at paddling about the pool like grey-haired seniors, at gossiping about (xxxxxxxx) [removed for sensible reasons].

Thursday’s movie: World Trade Center
I got my hands on free passes for an advance screening tonight of this movie due out in theatres August 9th. Blee, G, willariah and I went.


This two hours of boredom will certainly make my worse movies of 2006 list.  Oliver Stone directs with a steady hand as always but, I’m sorry, I had no connection to the characters and was not engaged whatsoever.

That said, Oliver handles the tragedy of September 11th, the planes hitting the World Trade Center and their eventual collapse expertly: it is understated, sombre, mindful of the horror that happened there 5 years ago. For his delicate touch here, the 1 out of five.

Sadly, once the buildings come down and our two characters begin their ordeal trapped inside, we cross the line into melodramatic Sunday Night at the Movies territory with all the that entails. The musical score, reminiscent of “Six Feet Under”, is perfect for it represents where Paramount ought to send this movie. Oliver has found a cure for insomniacs everywhere and should retitle this effort “World Trade Snore”. My rating 2 outof 10.

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10 Responses to Pool Party

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lounge and do nothing?…That’s my hobby too!I take your words and will skip the movie!

  2. m3galomaniac says:

    beautiful garden!!! lounging is always fun..

  3. =] that’s goodand the sushi on last entry looks so good…

  4. enRoute says:

    Oh my, 1/5 for the movie?! Haha, guess you really don’t like it like u said. =P

  5. Anonymous says:

    I saw the trailer and thought it looked interesting. But 1/5? Oh gee… having second thoughts about seeing it now.

  6. kunhuo42 says:

    ooh, that’s a really nice garden! sadly, apartment living means no gardens… although it also means not having to worry about weeds!

  7. brooklyn2028 says:

    Oh that’s unfortunate about the movie. I saw the trailer and thought it looked pretty good but then again a lot of trailers look good…

  8. world trade center?!and that flower is really pretty =]heheum…i think i should move over there to adopt a kid =]and then fly backdo you think they’d let me do that =]

  9. willariah says:

    ahahaha omg. this movie was a self-fulfilling prophecy. a disaster about a disaster.

  10. Fatcat723 says:

    The bbq looks great. I feared the movie would be bad. I thought they were trying to make money from the whole event.

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