Oh to have a fever in the City when it’s +40° C

Another hot weekend! And to boot, I came down with the flu. Achy everything; sore as sin throat; fever. Fever is so wonderful when the outside temperature is +40°C with the humidex and you’ve no central air. So, Friday and Saturday were – literally – spent in bed. Slept a whopping 22 hours straight Friday thru Saturday.

Today I did venture out with G as I was feeling a gazillion times better, thank gawd!

We visited the construction site and saw the million dollar condo is coming along well
.. omg, save money!

You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to live right downtown Toronto (bleck, ick!) but if forced to, I’d probably pick Spire … it’s so pretty. The picture of St. James Cathedral with the CN Tower in the background was neat cause it looks like someone photoshopped the Tower in eh?

1) Spire Condominium; 2) St. James Cathedral with CN Tower

After antiquing at St. Lawrence North (I was keen on buying the ice crusher I saw there two weeks ago but it was gone), we headed to Chinatown for some wonton noodle soup and ja leung. G has been on a mission for a month for ja leung. Success was found at Gold Star! Yummy! FYI: Toronto has the largest Chinatown of any in all of North America.

3) ja leung; 4) a renewed market reopens complete with dragons!

On the way back down from Fairview Mall this afternoon, I thought of willariah‘s homage to the ridiculousness that is TTC advertising and took a shot of this entry into that hall of shame. It’s almost as if the TTC’s marketing director and it’s entire marketing department is stuck in the 1950s. I do know the TTC’s marketing director actually and I’m …. well, I’m not going to say anymore than that.

For more of the TTC’s posters of fame, check out willariah’s homage here.

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10 Responses to Oh to have a fever in the City when it’s +40° C

  1. Anonymous says:

    Like the pic of CN Tower and Cathedral!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I thought Vancouver had the largest asian community thus a bigger chinatown?

  3. enRoute says:

    Get well soon! Yes, it’s sooo hot these days…global warming… =(

  4. I think living downtown in any city is great! But then again, I’m a city boy.

  5. brooklyn2028 says:

    Hey I was wondering where you were at AX. Was keeping an eye out for you. Anyways, hope you’re feeling better now!! Mmm…ja leung…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hope you’re feeling better especially with this heat!

  7. Fatcat723 says:

    Hope you are feeling better and soon. I am not a good sick person to be around. I just want to be alone when I don’t feel well.  Love the food. You seem to find the best places.
    RYC: I like you fill in the blank – make sense.

  8. kunhuo42 says:

    ooh, that doesn’t sound fun at all… i hope you’re feeling better soon! mmm… i wish baltimore actually had a chinatown =(

  9. Thank you for the encouragement.I hope you get better…and if it’s 40+ Celcius [sp]that means Canada is hotter than California? O_O!And that food…is GREAT!=]

  10. Anonymous says:

    hmm ja leung!

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