Scots on the Rocks

Scot - lakefront dock
the dock at Scots on the Rocks

Ah, spent the long weekend at Scots on the Rocks with Lady Ann. It was so lovely. Lady Ann is a dear, dear friend. She just returned from 6 weeks cycling in Italy (sigh). We were so glad to get the invite up to Kingston to chill with her and get caught up on her tour through Italy and her pregnancy. Lady Ann is – joyously – pregnant. Five months so actually. Woohoo!

G and I headed up on Friday and stopped in Kingston for dinner at one of our favourite establishments – Chez Piggy. Chez Piggy makes THE BEST frittes mayonnaise in Canada (aside from our own that is!). Finding Chez Piggy is always an adventure….

Chez Piggy 1Chez Piggy 2Chez Piggy 3
1) The sign is easy enough to find; then 2) through the tunnel; 3) G leads the way …

Chez Piggy 4 Chez Piggy 5Chez Piggy 6
4) then past the apartments; 5) … and the art installations … 6) to the entrance

We also headed down to cheer on Lady Ann as she completed the Long Course Kingston Triathlon (as a team). Lady Ann was doing the 2km swim … five months pregnant. The challenge on Saturday was seeing whether or not she could fit in her wetsuit. The donning of the wetsuit did result in a ‘Nipplegate’ episode where I inadvertently saw one of Lady Ann’s … well … breasts. Let me tell you, that’s going to be one happy baby! he he he

Scot - Ann suit 1Scot - Ann suit 4Scot - Ann suit 5
7) It begins … 8) success! … 9) so down to the lake …

Scot - Ann suit 6Scot - Ann suit 8
10) … and in she goes …. 11) after a successful practice swim

We swam and lounged by the dock. G and I went exploring in the kayaks. And I made oh-so-yummy margaritas.

Scot - B on dockScot - B MargaritasScot - G kayak from Brent
12) I relax on the dock; 13) making margaritas; 14) G takes the lead kayaking

It was up early on Sunday to get into Kingston to see Lady Ann compete. Alright, truly it was G and Lady Ann up early Sunday…. I slept-in till the last possible moment. However, G and Lady Ann did take some beautiful pictures of the sun coming up over the lake. So still, so tranquil, so beautiful.

Scot - Lake at dawnScot - Lake at Dawn G6Scot - Lake at Dawn G1
15 -17) dawn over the lake at Scots on the Rocks

The race was great and Lady Ann finished the 2km swim in under an hour. Well done Ann! We hooted and hollered and cheered her on then toured the Kingston antique market
t and chowed down on some yummy Cambodian food at Phnom-Penh.

Scot - Ktown triScot - Ktown - all off swimmingScot - Ktown - bikes await
18) K-Town Tri finishline gets set up; 19) swimmers are off … where’s Lady Ann? … 20) the bikes await

Phnon 1Phnom 2Scot - antique market
21) Phnom-Penh; 22) chef’s special platter; 23) the Kingston antique market … buy!

Sunday afternoon, we headed over to Buck Lake Lodge, a stunning cottage owned by another friend of ours, Terry, for cocktails on the new deck he has been constructing high above the lake. It was gorgeous and Terry – in true Terry fashion – was the host of hosts as always. Thanks Terry!

Scot - at Terry's
24) cocktails on the new deck at Buck’s Lake Lodge

That night, after supper back at Scots on the Rocks, we got to reading Lady Ann’s pregnancy books (don’t ask!). One thing mentioned was that if you suspend a ring on a length of twine over the belly of a pregnant woman, you can tell if the baby is going to be a boy or girl by the way it swings. So, naturally, we had to try this out. With a length of twine supplied by Lady Ann and a ring supplied by G, I tested.

Scot - motherhood test Ann
25) it’s a …..

If the ring swings back in forth, you’ve a boy on your hand. If it swings in circles, a girl. Well, seems like we have a girl on the way. This was really, really freaky as the ring did move – of its own will – in circles. Very freaky.

Scot - motherhood test Brent
26) hmmm … nada … seems it doesn’t work on nonpregnant gay guys

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh I did kayaking at Banff, it’s one of my favorite activity of all time! BTW, those sunrise pictures are beautiful. It calms you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good job to Lady Anne. I can’t wait to get my body wet in Canada next year.ryc: Yes, shall focus on next year’s race first. But got to think ahead as well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow… the sunrise pics are nice. Nipplegate – lol!

  4. m3galomaniac says:

    oh so beautiful pictures… I bet you will have a beautiful child, Ann sure can fit into her swim suit when 5 mths pregnant..amazing..

  5. orchidgrass says:

    great fun! looks very enjoyable

  6. enRoute says:

    Yes, kayaking is sooo fun! I should do it again in the near future! =)

  7. kunhuo42 says:

    wow, those pictures of the sun coming up over the lake are amazing. ryc: well, all those runs sound very fun, but we’ll see how i survive the winter first… it will be the very first time i’ve ever tried to run with the temperature outside below the upper 50s! i don’t even know what kind of clothing/etc to invest in.

  8. Fatcat723 says:

    Now that is a great weekend!!!

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