Busy Weekend

OMG, what a busy few days (daze?!).

Woodstock Dragon Boat Race & Festival

Saturday morning we were up at some ungodly hour and drove down to Woodstock for this dragon boat regatta. This was the Typhoons first regatta and first race ever. Very exciting that!  In the end we won …. Silver Medals in the “Gold Division, Consolation Final” (which means 6th place) but I don’t care, it still is hardware! Our sister team, the Cyclones, also won Silver in the “Platinum Division, Consolation Final”.

1) where’s the course? … 2) team cheer; 3) returning after our first race

4) congrats all around; 5) team photo after first race; 6) gotta love hardware!

7) Silver Medal Team! Yay Typhoons!

The Celebration Dinner
After dragon boating we hightailed it to Riverside to a awesome night with my parents and a celebratory dinner in honour of my new gig (and our Silver Medals).

8) beautiful backyard; 9) celebratory martinis all around;10) songbirds sing their congrats too!

11) chevre and smoked salmon mousses; 12) appetizers on the patio


13) cantaloupe soup; 14) salad nicoise

Yesterday, it was a whirlwind tour down and back to Halifax and Bridgewater for a meeting with some of my new team there. All good people. I flew WestJet and let me tell you, airline travel just gets worse and worse. I’m not blaming WestJet or airports. Terrorists are to blame, and I’m wondering if we should all start travelling naked to avoid the hassle of making one’s way through security and screening. Hmmmm, but then we’d be subject to cavity searches … eek! Ouch!

15) WestJet awaits me; 16) Mahone Bay and its famous “Three Churches”; 17) what was going on here?…


18) me at Mahone Bay; 19) some old wreck of a ship

After my meetings, I stopped in very quickly to Mahone Bay on the way back to Halifax. G and I were there in May 2004 and it was pouring rain. It was nice to see it in the sunlight this time around. Meetings went well, I thought, but this fly there, power-meet, fly back stuff I don’t miss at all. I had enough of those days back in the mid-90s. Ah well.

Tuesday’s good meeting: Mayor David Miller
I had a meeting this afternoon with Mayor Miller in his tiny Mayor’s Boardroom overlooking Nathan Phillips Square. It was a very good meeting. Major Miller is truly on point when it comes to issues of homelessness, youth violence, and the link between healthy people/local communities and a healthy, sustainable, economically vibrant city. Despite what you may think of the man, I was left with a very positive impression of a caring, exceptionally intelligent, upfront and honest man, genuinely concerned about making Toronto a better place. Bravo Mayor Miller!

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6 Responses to Busy Weekend

  1. enRoute says:

    Congrats on your win!!! Good for u!Hmm…I wish I can meet the mayor, or the premier one day. (save the PM for some one else…=P )

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mmm… great pics of the food. I also like the picture of the garden, especially the way the light plays off the ferns.

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    Congrats on the medal for the dragon boat racing. Looked like a great meal too!!!
    RYC: Indeed Marcus is cool. The stoic comes through a little strongly at times.

  4. kunhuo42 says:

    dragon boat racing sounds fun; i’ve never done it myself but some of my friends do.

  5. i meant, i don’t really like guns either.

  6. ryc:  eek.  me neither, to be honest.  :-o

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