22 Days and Counting

So, we’re 22 days out from the start of the Toronto International Film Festival. Yay!


There is a group of 5 of us who have bought a 30-coupon book, plus I bought a 10-coupon book to boot … meaning I’ve 16 films to chose. This year I had taken the entire week off to really do TIFF up right, but with the new gig on the horizon I’ve had to scale things back a bit (only two official days), and I’ve one day during film festival week where I have to do another down and back to Halifax. Ah well.

I’ve been doing my research on films coming this year at the TIFF Reviews 2006 site. It’s very helpful and I’ve gone through films titles starting with A-F and chosen some which I think should be good. Using this site in conjunction with the IMDB is something I’d certainly recommend.

So far, I’m mulling:

… and that’s just to the letter F!

I’ll likely nix ‘mainstream’ films which will have wider release and stay focused on films which are harder to see here in Toronto.

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6 Responses to 22 Days and Counting

  1. kunhuo42 says:

    huh, i’ve never attended a film festival but it sounds like fun!

  2. brooklyn2028 says:

    Thanks for the link yesterday. I’m going to have to seriously start doing some research before we have to select the movies.

  3. YNOTswim says:

    Uh oh! Tsai Ming-Liang has another one out… hehehe… have a good time. I wish I could be there.

  4. enRoute says:

    oh mine…now “that” is entertainment! =P

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Fatcat723 says:

    What  job – but somebody has to do it!!!

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