CNE Mania

We spent 12.5 hours at the Canadian National Exhibition yesterday … OMG, so much fun! For those of you that don’t know, the CNE is a tradition in Toronto … around since 1879. I remember being just a wee kid and visiting the CNE and most Torontonians – I would argue – revisit it each summer throughout their lives. Here, in pictures, is some of what we did and saw:

1) saw funky Sony technology; 2) ate Tiny Tom’s; 3) straddled things hehe


4) saw the world’s longest parade; 5) G went down; 6) I went up

7) visited the Barbie Museum; 8) saw the world’s ugliest chair; 9) met Galloping Gourment, Graham Kerr


10) saw a man balance a rock …; 11) and succeed; 12) me as a midget

13) went ‘baaaahhhh’; 14) and ‘moooooo’; 15) and ‘cluck’

16) saw the SuperDogs show; 17) found a reason never to visit Blackstock, Ontario; 18) went up on the ferriswheel

19) rode “Crazy Mouse” at 10am; 20) and again at 10pm; 21) saw the CNE at night

22, 23, 24) toured the Chinese Lantren Festival … one word: AMAZING!


25) pandas; 26) a dragon at Ontario Place; 27) this dragon is made entirely of porcelain teacups and saucers … I’m not kidding!

28) the entrance gate

29) nighty-night … I’m sleepy

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14 Responses to CNE Mania

  1. jasonbasin says:

    HAHAHA! 17). is so bitchy great! The fair is like a mini-Epcot…with farm animals and midget mirrors. I LOVE the pandas….totally speaks to my unhealthy teddy bear fetish. If i had a front lawn, those lighted pandas would be there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gee… you’re just a big kid at heart! I’m going to be visiting the lantern festival too.

  3. willariah says:

    omg. the lanterns are gorgeous!! i must visit CNE. i don’t care how ghetto it is!! psst. THE BANQUET is screening at TIFF. I am creaming my pants.

  4. orchidgrass says:

    oh…i didn’t finish that mishima’s book…i’ve lost my interest. big bang love is a good film, no?

  5. brooklyn2028 says:

    Awww you got to go to the lantern festival. I really wanted to go but my friends were too tired! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  6. So is it like a fair?

  7. Len_Q says:

    Hmmm… i’m thinking about visit the Ex tomorrow… Just thinking…That sounds like a Hanson song…

  8. that’s kinda hot =]and that last entry…the pictures are so awsomethey make me wanna visit the restauranthaha

  9. kunhuo42 says:

    wow, that looks like a lot of fun. and that dragon is pretty amazing.

  10. i have a question…do people who wear kilts usually not wear underwear?or is that some kinda rumor? o_O

  11. YNOTswim says:

    How come all the pics are so small?

  12. enRoute says:

    Hey, I’m going to the CNE this Thurs, hopefully it’ll be fun!And yes, the lanterns are AMAZING! =)

  13. Fatcat723 says:

    Great Photos! Maybe I should plan a trip next year.

  14. I love the Ex! I miss the Flyer.

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