Old Gig No More

Our eating adventure just continues … this afternoon Lady Sarah, G and I stopped into The Unicorn for lunch. Lady Sarah ordered the appetizer platter – which I must give eprops to! A ton of food. The beer of choice, as I continue to make my way around the 18 draughts, was – sadly – Coors Light. Not my favourite by any stretch.

1) me and Lady Sarah and our favourite friend, Veuve Clicquot; 2) Lady Sarah prepares to chow down on the platter

I emailed the entire team a simple one line message when I left, saying:

To paraphrase Dr. Seuss: Don’t be sad because
it’s over. Smile because it happened

Friday’s interesting sign: The Mt. Pleasant Movie Theater where you can …

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2 Responses to Old Gig No More

  1. willariah says:

    omg. u guys are so glam with your champagne!! :p i agree, coors light sucks. klb raspberry is my favourite.

  2. Fatcat723 says:

    Love Dr. Seuss. Thanks.

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