We spent four fun-filled days chilling here this weekend ….

Chicago! … my kind of town!

We headed down with a purpose. My friend, Chicago Karen was getting married! … Woohoo Karen & Paul! But in between eating and eating and eating, we did get a chance to do a little sightseeing here and there. Chicago, in many ways, puts Toronto to shame with its focus on tourism and more so, architecture and proper urban planning. Eprops to Chicago for this!

We stayed at W right downtown in the Loop. It was gorgeous and fun and funky.

1) W Chicago; 2) the very funky lobby at night

3) our lovely room; 4) parking in the Loop … a nightmare; everything’s valet (bring lots of US$1 bills); 5) G heads to the CTA

6) Charlie Trotter’s; 7) me feeling good after dinner at Charlie’s

On Thursday night, we had dinner at Charlie Trotter’s. Charlie Trotter’s is one of THE most finest restaurants in the world and priced as such. We opted to have the “Grand Menu” with wine pairings and left the restaurant $US598.66 poorer that night. Happy yes! But certainly poorer. So, how was it? …. I’ll write a review on our experience there later this week so you’ll have to wait.

But, on to more food! …. another thing we wanted to try while in Chicago was “Deep Dish Pizza”. Deep dish actually was invented in Chicago in 1943 at a little place north of the Loop called, Pizzeria Uno. We tried it and liked it … till we came across the competition, a chain called Giordano’s. Winner, handsdown!

8) Pizzeria Uno; 9) the original ‘deep dish’

10) Giodano’s; 11) the winning competition!

More food, fun and silly wedding fotos soon but I’m knackered and so, to bed.

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9 Responses to Chicago

  1. willariah says:

    omg. i would die for a slice of that deep dish pizza.

  2. Len_Q says:

    My friends and I mad a day trip of Chicago on New Years Eve of 2004. We left Toronto at 5pm on Dec. 31, and arrive back at 11pm Jan. 2. We spent 2 nights and did a lot of “power sight seeing”. =þ

  3. are you on vacation? o_O!and that pizza looks good. did the people in the restaurant not alow you to take pictures of the food? =[

  4. m3galomaniac says:

    600?! that sure is alot for good food..G looks hapy walking to the CTA :D Chicago sure looks good with the river and the buildings..good fengshui.
    ryc: yea, I think I’ll bring a visa, if they accept visa…I hope so…or maybe a stash of cash..haha, I’ll figure that out..thanx.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m getting full just looking at that pizza… burp. The hotel room looks gorgeous.

  6. Fatcat723 says:

    Hope the food was as good as can be!! I don’t mind cost for good food- good presentation and good company!!

  7. enRoute says:

    How nice u were going to all these places this summer…good for u! =)

  8. YNOTswim says:

    I would have round it to $600 :)

  9. kunhuo42 says:

    wow, that had better have been a really good dinner if it was that expensive! then again, i am coming from the perspective of a poor college student who attends department events for the free food =Dryc: hahaha yeah, i don’t really drink beer so i have no problems turning down free beer. now if it was some other kind of alcohol, i’d be much less likely to decline!

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