Chicago Continued

In the spirit of Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, we decided to create our own version called Brent & G Visit White Castle. White Castle burgers, according to our friends in Chicago, are more affectionately known as ‘sliders’ for reasons which – I hope – are pretty obvious. A fascinating tidbit here: you can actually buy a briefcase full of 30 mini burgers at White Castle! OMG, like, trailer park ghetto heaven.

1) a ‘slider’; 2) White Castle in Aurora; 3) our party pack

4) breakfast that same morning was at this fine, fun establishment …
found only in the midwest

G, being an architect and all, meant a Chicago architectural tour with the Chicago Architecture Foundation. These folks put on dozens of tours and I’d highly recommend you join one while in town. We opted for the river tour that was a steal at US$25 and 90 minutes long.

5) downtown from Navy Pier; 6) the gorgeous Carson, Pirie Scott & Co. Building (c. 1899) … Stunning!

7) the Wrigley Building (c. 1921); 8) foreground: 320 Clark N (c. 1913) with ABA Tower (c. 1987) and Marina City in background;   9) Marina City (c. 1964)


10 & 11) the so funky Crown Fountain in Millennium Park; 12) G and I reflected in ….

The Bean (aka The Cloud Gate)!



14) the “Bean” with Frank Gerhy’s beautiful outdoor stage in background

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6 Responses to Chicago Continued

  1. kunhuo42 says:

    after seeing that movie i was curious…. are the burgers really that good? hmm… i will have to add chicago to the list of places to visit someday!

  2. ryc: tres tres gauche….very very..gauche?! o_Ohuh?I loved Harold and Kumar goes to White Castle…I actually live near where that movie ‘supposedly’ took place. I’ve never been to that restaurant though…T_TWas the burgers really…heavenly?

  3. Fatcat723 says:

    Great photos of some interesting works. I think I would enjoy a job similar to yours.
    RYC: Time to enjoy time —it does work! Thanks

  4. enRoute says:

    ryc: i mean my own spending…=)

  5. brooklyn2028 says:

    Nice pics! Ahh, “Harold & Kumar”, what a great movie! One of the classics…hehe. Just kidding. How were the sliders? My friend and I always wanted to try them.

  6. YNOTswim says:

    I will have to visit “The Cloud Gate” sometimes. It was not there yet when I visited Chicago before…

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