Thanksgiving Redeux

Okay, so raise your hand if you’re like freaking sick of turkey?! ….

FYI: both mine are up.

Saturday before Thanksgiving Dinner #1 at Blee’s we stumbled across these three sights at The Bay Yonge/Queen.

1) corduroy pillows with pockets! [brutal!]; 2) Priscilla Presley bedroom linens [brutal and creepy]; 3) freaking Christmas stuff in the Bay

Dinner at Blee’s was wonderful … the turkey, the desserts, the oh-so-fabulous wild rice stuffing! Yummies!


4) Blee’s beautiful table awaits us; 5) The Cupcake Shoppe’s contribution; 6) the pie, the pie!

Sunday I was at Riverside with Sir Papa and the family for Thanksgiving Dinner #2 … once again, scrumptious! While there, I did get over to visit my Nanny who will be 95 next week! Wowza eh?!

7) Ma’s table awaits; 8) before; 9) after!

10) me, niece P, and Nanny

11) got some coins? …

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9 Responses to Thanksgiving Redeux

  1. enRoute says:

    what? they have xmas stuffs out already?!?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, you don’t always get to eat turkey right?Do you really play accordion?

  3. LOL…accordion!!!

  4. jasonbasin says:

    first rice pudding, then turkey?? What other foods have you blacklisted? If you say cupcakes, I will officially drop dead right here on this comments page!

  5. m3galomaniac says:

    awww man…I miss decent foood..

  6. kunhuo42 says:

    whoa, 2 thanksgiving dinners? i’d be sick of turkey after all of that too! that and very sleepy =P

  7. oh sad. i love turkey for thanksgiving!!! btw, i come from jasonbasin’s site and i read you don’t like rice pudding. too bad. i love it! ;)

  8. Anonymous says:

    The food looks great. Burp…

  9. Fatcat723 says:

    thanks for the preview of Thanksgiving south of the border in November!!

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