My Asian Fascination

The mechanics and machinations of attraction are fascinating. Take
my asian fixation. How is that? Why is that? Where did it start? How did it
roost in my mind? ….
I can honestly say
growing up I was not fascinated by asian guys. I had a good friend in elementary
school, CC, who was asian but he was as undistinguishable as any of my
caucasian, east indian and black friends. He did not stand out but was just
another member of our multi-cultural ‘gang’.
As high school
started and the hormones began their charge, asians did not turn my eye. I tended
to ‘like’ caucasian guys of the boy-next-door (though geeky) set. ‘Like’ was the
term I used then to explain my interest in guys. ‘Like’, as though it were a
passing fancy, a stage, a phase.
Eventually, like
every ‘normal’ guy, my eye turned to gals.
And believe it or
not, it started with Grace Jones.
(I should have known
I was in trouble right then and there!)
I was fascinated by
Grace, the model-cum-singer, much to my
sister and mum’s horror. I obsessed on her, her albums – yes, albums back then –
and posters of her donned my room (remember her in Conan The Destroyer?). She
was strange, and bizarre, and artsy, and beautiful (in a non-sexual
Was it her, in her
androgynous exotic way, that began to turn my eye toward asians?
I remember watching
the Miss Universe pageants on tv and also being drawn towards the oriental
beauties from Thailand and Laos and Vietnam. My sister would joke I would
eventually marry an asian girl … hehe … she got that partly right. I also remember admiring a
silkscreen portrait of a Japanese woman my Great Uncle purchased during WWII in
the Far East. This portrait hung in my gran’s home (and now hangs in mine). 
Don’t you think she is beautiful?


I can also place the
sweeping television series “Shogun” partially to blame. I loved this series and
it sparked a love of all things asian in me. I fell under the spell of the far
east and immersed myself in asian
history and culture (Japanese, in
At the start of university, my asian
fascination truly took hold. I remember seeing “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” in
1983 and seeing Ryuichi Sakamoto and … (sigh) … I was hooked.
So, what does it come down to? … I think
this; in my mind’s eye I see the asian male body as the penultimate expression
of ‘beauty’. In all its variations, it remains ‘perfect’ in my eye.
I wonder, on occasion, whether this
fascination is ‘built-in’. Does an asian facsination gene run in my family? ….
I note this simply because my cousin is also married to a dropdead stunning
Chinese girl, Su-Ming.
… things that make you go

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14 Responses to My Asian Fascination

  1. orchidgrass says:

    i have white friends that only prefer asians too…and i don’t really understand why either…maybe they think we’re exotic…
    btw, i like japan culture too…ryuichi sakamoto? you like him? his music is great!

  2. Len_Q says:

    And good choice in music, yeah Spice Girls!

  3. Len_Q says:

    Yes now, we Asians are cute loveable now aren’t we. =)RYC-Thanks for the bluntness, much appreciated. =)

  4. Fatcat723 says:

    RYC: I like that —get busy on the proof. I added that to my index cards.

  5. MrJCHEN says:

    ever heard of the book ‘The Rice Queen Diaries,’ by Daniel Gawthrop? it’s a great book and i think you’ll like it..

  6. YNOTswim says:

    must be the food you have been eaten growing up…

  7. enRoute says:

    admit it…ur actually an 101% Asian…=)

  8. Lol, Michael and I had a similar conversation the other day. Here’s my take on asian fixation (or any other racial preference). Either we like a certain race because we grew up with people of that race and therefore are more comfortable and familiar with it; or we never grew up with people of that race, and that’s where the fascination comes. I also had another theory of either we like people who are similar to us (in this case, physically) because we like our appearance (e.g. skin color, height) or characters (e.g. tastes, favorites); or we like people who are opposite (I think this can also explain sexuality). For example, I would say rice queens like tan, dark, smooth skins and guys who have a smaller frame. Of course, I’m also stereotyping the typical asian and the rice queen.I remember in psychology class that attraction is defined by proximity, symmetry, and similarity. Proximity being how geographically close we live to someone we like (i.e. same street, town, city, country). Symmetry refers to the symmetry of the face. I guess it means whether or not a face is distorted, but I just take this concept to mean attractiveness. And similarity is pretty self-explanatory. Anyway, hope that helped you out in your quest to find the origins of your preferences of boys.

  9. Fatcat723 says:

    A past life as an Asian as Matt said!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Maybe you were Asian in a previous life?

  11. You remind me…of my ex!  LOL…
    RYC:  Yeah, it’s overrated…I know.  Sigh!

  12. toroboy says:

    Human attraction is very complicated. I remember one Japanese actress who vowed that she would never marry a Japanese man eventually ended up doing so. Chemistry knows no boundary! Sodium catches fire in water no matter where you get either of them!! (I know…kinda corny.=P)  

  13. m3galomaniac says:

    hmmm…really? asia is truly a cultural immensed and diverse place…but thanx to tourism/westernization, things are changing so much, whats real and whats not is becoming a grey area. Now we follow practices just to follow them, not much meaning to it either. But Asians are sure hot..haha ;P

  14. brooklyn2028 says:

    Things that make you go hmmm indeed. I was never into Asian guys before but as I got older they started to catch my eye more and more. Interesting how tastes change. For me it’s not only physical appearance but cultural things. ^^ Whatever it is though, I agree, Asians are HOT. LOL.

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